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Blogging for Free Eventually Leads to Blogging for Pay Over the Long Haul

by Ryan Biddulph

Help people for free. Even if you get nothing in return.

Helping people for free cultivate an abundance mindset. Expecting nothing detaches you from WANTING money to give your attention to ENJOYING the process of helping people.

Bingo. This is the abundance mindset in action. Help people for free. Eventually, you will be helping people for pay, OK? Sure you need to open multiple streams of income. But money will find you, based on your generous service.

If you get clear and feel success is yours, and if you trust in the creative process, money and success and fame become yours.

Blogging for Free Leads to Blogging for Pay

No need to offer premium products and services for free. Bloggers deserve to be entrepreneurs. Bloggers deserve to make a living through blogging. But do publish helpful blog posts on your blog and through as many blogs as possible via guest posting.

Help people for free in many spots. Increase exposure. Land paying gigs.

Bloggers complain about business being slow so they slow down helping people for free. Big mistake. Do not take time off if the business appears to be slow. Get busy helping people for free so business speeds up. Put in MORE time and serving energy if business appears to be slow, to accelerate your blogging profits.

Generosity, service, and detachment precede massive blogging profits but profits often drip in, a bit by bit, as you become super generous for the first time.

Stop being stingy. Stop playing small. Bloggers do a weird thing; they have oodles of talent, but carefully meter out how they share the talent. Not a good idea. The world reflects your energy and intent to you.

Have a Vision

I am friends with a well-known blogger who offered to engineer a complete social media campaign for a large hotel chain. He agreed to work for free if the chain representative shared a glowing endorsement with reps from other hotels in the region.

The blogger did a smash-up job and received 20 paying jobs as referral business.

He could have charged $20,000 USD for the first job but instead had a vision to help more people and make more money.

His business took off and he never looked back. He blogged for free to blog for pay. Now, the dude actually hosts a television show, he is so famous and influential. The law of sowing and reaping works beautifully, once again.

Guest Posting

I guest post prolifically to help people become successful bloggers. I love this guest posting deal. Nobody pays me to guest post. But I profit and drive traffic through guest posting because guest posting is an indirect, or gateway activity, for increasing blogging profits.

Why? Blog for free, to blog for pay.

Most Bloggers Have an Exposure Problem Due to their Stinginess

Most bloggers have some skills for building a thriving business.

But this crowd usually has an exposure problem. Nobody knows who they are. Or perhaps a few folks know who they are.

Their limited circle gets stale, they never guest post or network with new bloggers and everything seems to seize, traffic and profits struggle following.

This crowd would make more money blogging by blogging for free to increase their exposure.

Imagine how writing and publishing 5-10 guest posts daily would improve your exposure? Imagine writing 5-10 guest posts daily for the next month?

Now that is some serious exposure. Each guest post is, in fact, blogging for free, which leads to blogging for pay. But you cannot be stingy and also, generous; two different energies. Holding back guarantees success gets held back from you. Everything is on you. Literally.

Open up! Share your knowledge with the world. We benefit. You benefit. Win-win. Be generous, not stingy, to have fun, to enjoy the blogging ride and to be successful.

Pay Close Attention to Icons

Every single pro blogger blogs for free for many years before hitting it big. Most people believe that pros became professionals overnight. Not true. Professional bloggers work freely, being led by their crystal clear vision. Their vision inspires them to persist patiently, giving generously of their time and talent, even if they make 0 dollars blogging for a long time.

These folks love blogging for the sake of blogging. Naturally, being generous and trusting in the process, the pros of the world keep giving to increase their skills, exposure and credibility. Eventually, these folks become professionals because they helped people for free until they began to help people for pay. Helping enough folks for pay – customers and clients – enabled these pros to become full time bloggers.

First, give freely for a long time to increase your skills, exposure and credibility. Eventually, after a tipping point, money and traffic flow to you. Eventually, after a second tipping point, enough money flows to you to allow you to become a professional blogger.

Think like a successful entrepreneur, not an employee. Surround yourself with professional bloggers to learn how giving freely precedes receiving generously.

Nothing happens overnight but if you build your blogging vision to energize yourself for the long blogging journey, you too will go pro by helping people for free.


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