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1 Big Blogger Challenge: Who Do You Trust?

by Ryan Biddulph

I scanned a few blog posts detailing some common blogger challenges. Google provided me with helpful fodder in detailing blogger challenges presented by various bloggers.

Varied bloggers shared how one challenge is facing seeming brick walls, nearly impossible to conquer obstacles. One blogger in particular offered the insight that brick walls are there to show how badly you want to succeed as a blogger.


That is not true.

Lived this, suffered through this, for a long, long time.

Someone blogging from a deep energy of:

  • fear
  • low self-esteem
  • not being enough
  • not having enough
  • not believing they deserve success
  • underdog syndrome
  • victim mentality

tends to offer such insight. But what if you trust this blogger? What if you deeply believe their advice? You, too, decide to agree that seemingly impossible blogging challenges signal how bad and hard you want to work to overcome the obstacle. As a pro blogger with 15,000 hours of experience spanning 12 years of my life, embodying this underdog syndrome mentality was far and away one of the worst mistakes I ever made online. I encountered years of suffering, struggle, frustration and failure because I blogged deeply from energies of fear, similar to the blogger offering the insight above. Blogging from fear scares you into working harder to succeed. But force negates. Working harder means you need to work even harder to see scant success….and the vicious cycle continues until you face your fears and stop working so darn hard.

Who do you trust? What blogging mentors do you follow? Do you vet their advice? Do you carefully observe how the blogger operates? I admittedly thought, felt and acted like the blogger above for a long time. But after being completely disgusted with my results, I faced deep fears, felt deep fears and left the underdog mentality thing in my rear view window for good.

Any seemingly big obstacle is simply deep fear in your mind. Blogging obstacles do not exist until your intimately personal fears co-create the obstacle and place this fear-illusion in front of you. Obstacles never appear to reveal how badly you want to become a pro blogger. Obstacles appear to:

  • unearth your fears for facing, feeling and releasing
  • propel you to your next stage of blogging growth
  • give you opportunities to spread more love versus cowering more deeply to fear

Do any of these truths sound remotely like the advice one gave above? What sounds like a better-feeling, success-accelerating, wise piece of advice, for dissolving blogging obstacles? I am no Blogging Buddha but at least I can see partially clearly, in terms of blogging and life. Following my blogging advice tends to free bloggers from their fears. Trusting me tends to help you become a pro blogger if you put in the time, follow my advice and ride out uncomfortable moments arising during your blogging journey.

Pay close attention to pro bloggers who emit a generous vibe, who keep things simple and who embody a genuine approach. I intend to be truthful in all I do. Even if me being truthful challenges you or ruffles some feathers, my integrity forms the foundation of my blogging credibility. Flock toward honest bloggers but also pay close attention to the vibe honest bloggers emit. Some vibe deeply from fear. Honest advice offered may be tainted with a hard work consciousness, leading you down a path you do not want to take. Why work hard and struggle for 15 years when you can generously service people, face fears, be uncomfortable and go pro in 5 years?

Everything depends on who you trust as a blogging mentor.


Do you want to think, feel and act like a successful blogger?

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1 comment

Donna Merrill January 19, 2021 - 6:06 am

Hi Ryan,
During my 10 year blogging journey, I always was drawn to positive and honest people. My first attempts at blogging was a disaster because I was trying to monetize with an opt-in from another group of people. The folks were caring and nice, but not caring enough to their people who affiliated them. So I jumped out asap. This was a good lesson for me because I did chose several mentors along the way from blogging to marketing. The mentors were great. Why? Because I followed my intuition and chose them from all the good work they were doing.
Trust is so important and I’m sure many trust you. I do!


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