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5 Best MongoDB VPS Hosting Provider

by Disha Barot

Databases are an important part of any server and the hosting. It is a place where all your data is collected and stored, is the main source from where it will be redirected to the customer wanting to look into your website’s information.

Information like these can be found in the database, from storing sales transactions to marketing strategies and customer profiles.

Hence, companies provide the best quality databases like MongoDB to let the hosting providers use them to give the best hosting experience to their customers.

MongoDB is an open-source, NoSQL database built to store all of your website’s information.

Best MongoDB VPS Hosting

Without waiting, let’s move further and learn in detail about the companies that provide MongoDB on demand and the ones that are in the market to fulfil all of their customer’s needs!

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a distributed document-based database that is open-source, cross-platform, and built for rapid application development and scaling. MongoDB Inc. created this NoSQL database.

MongoDB is a document-oriented database management system. Created by MongoDB Inc. with a NoSQL database, which means the data is not stored in a tabular form. Rather, it stores data in collections as JSON-based documents.

Other SQL databases have tables, rows, and columns, but this database does not. It enables the storage of hierarchical data in a document. This makes data storage easy peasy.

Best MongoDB VPS Hosting Provider

Best companies cross your path by chance. Sometimes it’s luck, or sometimes it’s your hard work that you applied to choose the best out of the lot!

And let me tell you, you are at the right place, Because we have curated a list of the best MongoDB VPS Hosting providers who will definitely provide you with excellent services at affordable costs.


YouStable offers 100% fully managed Best VPS Hosting with excellent customer support. It stands 24*7 in its customer service and replies within a stipulated time of a minute.

YouStable has been featured on Forbes, HostAdvice, Mashable, and other platforms with high ratings and great reviews to be one of the best hosting platforms globally. With the database of your choice and other premium features at reasonable prices, YouStable offers MongoDB Best VPS Hosting to its customers at very affordable prices.


With full technical support on installing MariaDB with your chosen plan, YouStable offers its customers a chance to customize their plans as well as choose from the ones curated as per customer demands:

YouStable Hosting Plans


The remarkable features of VPS Hosting offered by YouStable:

  • Powerful NVMe SSD Drives.
  • 100 Mb/s Network.
  • KVM Virtualization.
  • Various database and operating systems to choose from.
  • Dedicated IP.
  • IPv6 Support.
  • Unrivalled Support.


Known for its undeniably best services and great customer support, YouStable has been rated as the best amongst all when it comes to constantly great customer support.

Not only this, but they are also known for their reasonable prices, which are a no match for any other hosting provider’s pricing.


An establishment in 2001, A2 Hosting has been getting excellent reviews because of its quality services to the customers. They work with SSD storage, let you choose a data center, and give free CDN with its plans!

Coming onto MongoDB, they provide the compatibility of the same in their Best Unmanaged Window VPS Hosting plan and not in the managed one because it doesn’t support MongoDB. Unmanaged VPS Hosting looks something like this:

  • 100% user-managed.
  • Limited support to physical server and network.
  • No migration to or from an unmanaged environment.

If you are comfortable with these factors, A2 hosting is up to help you at any time. So, choose accordingly.


These are the cheap plans of Unmanaged MongoDB VPS Hosting:

A2hosting Hosting Plans


A2 Hosting’s VPS hosting features that’ll leave you in awe:

  • Up To 20X Faster Turbo.
  • SSD VPS Hosting.
  • Developer Friendly.
  • 9% Uptime Commitment.
  • Free Account Migration.


A2 Hosting has made its mark in all of its user’s hearts. Every user giving the best reviews and trusting A2 Hosting with their site has made us realise that it is actually one of the best hosting providers in the market.

It’s specifically known for its constant uptime and quality features.


InterServer has been one of the renowned VPS Hosting providers with economic and customizable plans. The hosting supports various scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Gallery, etc.

With complete control over your website, choose amongst the various databases they provide and start working with its MongoDB VPS Hosting!


If you purchase 4 or more slices, you’ll get the managed support of your hosting.

Interserver Hosting Plans

Here’s the scaling they provide for its customers to do:


The stunning features of InterServer’s VPS Hosting:

  • A Reliable and Affordable Hosting.
  • Access Your Data at Anytime.
  • Full Control over the server.
  • Lighting Fast Loading Speed.
  • Dedicated Resources.
  • Self-Healing Hardware.
  • Top-notch Security.
  • 9% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Remote Backup.
  • Multiple database options.


The performance of InterServer can be analyzed to be average. The site loading speed is breakneck, and the prices at which they offer services are low and customizable. So, you will have to pay in accordance to yourself.

But there were some complaints of slow domain activation, and as we noticed, the chat response to the users is delayed, and the sales or support executive takes time to respond.


Kamatera offers a high level of customization, with the server set up in minutes. Their services are entirely scalable and flexible, with an unbeatable uptime rate at affordable prices, which makes its performance unmatched!

Kamatera provides you with a choice of databases with their VPS Hosting.


Customize your plans and build your own server with Kamatera. They have provided a panel of choices to curate a plan according to your needs and pay for the same and nothing extra.

Kamatera Hosting Plans

Isn’t that great?


The unbeatable features of Kamatera MongoDB VPS Hosting:

  • Server set-up in minutes.
  • 95% uptime guaranteed.
  • Instant scaling up or down as required.
  • No hardware maintenance.
  • The low total cost of ownership.
  • Simple backup and monitoring.


Kamatera guarantees the fastest cloud VPS with dedicated resources, making a unique point for them.

Customers rely on them and the five data centers which provide undeniable services. Its performance faces its ups and downs from time to time, but the shortcomings are very rare.


Established in 2003, BlueHost is a company in Provo, Utah. They provide full root access to the server, dedicated resources, enhanced speed, and more features in its VPS hosting.

BlueHost is compatible with MongoDB in VPS Hosting with multi-server, file and database management.


The planning of BlueHost’s MongoDB VPS Hosting:

Bluehost Hosting Plans


Here are the remarkable features of MongoDB VPS Hosting by BlueHost:

  • Free Domain for a year.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • Root Access.
  • Extreme Performance.
  • Instant Provisioning.
  • Enhanced Control Panel.
  • Domain Privacy.
  • SiteLock.


BlueHost excels in being a fast and reliable hosting service provider. It provides some remarkable features but lacks when it comes to customer support.

For some, it may be good, but a majority of users did not find them to be user-friendly and with good customer support.

How to Choose a Server For MongoDB VPS Hosting?

Choosing a VPS server with MongoDB as its database is quite easy. While purchasing a VPS hosting from a provider, make sure that you talk to their support experts and confirm the database’s compatibility with their server.

If they are ready to provide you with the same with VPS hosting by fulfilling all other requirements like:

  • 9% Uptime guarantee
  • Fast and Reliable servers
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Top-notch security

Choose the provider who offers the utmost services to you, then.


What is MongoDB used for?

– MongoDB is a database used to collect and store data on your website. It is a maintained document of all the data you must have used or will use.

Is MongoDB free?

– Yes, MongoDB is open source and free! While choosing a premium VPS Hosting plan, when you opt for MongoDB, there is no additional charge that you will have to pay.

 Is MongoDB hosting expensive?

– No, MongoDB being open-source, comes for free with any type of hosting you are purchasing. All you need to pay is for your hosting server.

Can I use MongoDB in shared hosting?

– Yes, you can surely use MongoDB with shared hosting, but that happens in rare cases. It depends on your web hosting provider whether they are ready to provide you with MongoDb with shared hosting or not!

 Final Words

As we conclude the Best MongoDB VPS Hosting providers, we can say that it was an informative and useful experience when we went through various companies, talked to their executives and could derive these companies from being the best for our readers.

Have you made your choice? If yes, congratulations, you are on the right path! But if you have any further questions, feel free to ask us because it’s not a time to wait but act!

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