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Debunking Common Myths About Shared Hosting Services

by Disha Barot

Shared hosting is an affordable way of building the online presence of website owners worldwide. It’s an affordable way of hosting a wide range of websites with ample resources. There are several Linux shared hosting service providers with dedicated customer support, robust IT infrastructure, hardware specs, and other exemplary features to build the online presence.

There are some common myths associated with the shared ssd cpanel hosting service. This article has debunked those common myths and we assure you it educates you about it and helps in making an informed decision to purchase shared hosting or not.

Common Misconceptions about Shared Hosting Services

Common Myths About Shared Hosting Services

Myth #1: Shared Hosting is Unreliable

Unreliability is the common fear factor that prohibits website owners from choosing shared hosting services. Reliable web hosts like MilesWeb incorporate the best technology to isolate accounts and ensure a fair server resource allocation. Additionally, they offer uptime guarantees (usually 99% or higher) and have robust monitoring systems to catch issues before they affect you.

MilesWeb offers shared nvme ssd hosting plans with free SSL, SSD NVMe storage, Intel processors, unmetered bandwidth, and others that help to build a website with no technical support concerns. The web host has 24×7 customer support through email, live chat, and ticket.

Myth #2: Shared Hosting is Slow

Many believe that sharing resources leads to sluggish websites. Modern shared hosting plans come equipped with enough processing power and bandwidth to handle most websites. Additionally, providers implement caching mechanisms and server optimizations to ensure smooth performance. If speed becomes a concern later, you can always upgrade to a more powerful plan.

Choosing a reliable web hosting company gives the unmetered bandwidth, blazing-fast processors, and high-speed network that amplifies the website speed.

Myth #3: Shared Hosting Lacks Security

Security is a valid concern, but shared hosting providers take extensive measures to protect your website. They implement firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular malware scans to keep your data safe. Additionally, most offer features like secure socket layer (SSL) certificates for added encryption.

Different security measures shield the data and ensure maximum cyber security. MilesWeb monitors server resources and other hardware configurations that protect the data from all kinds of cyber threats or intrusion activities.

Myth #4: Shared Hosting Offers No Control

While shared hosting doesn’t offer the same level of control as a dedicated server, you’ll have enough to manage your website effectively. Most providers offer user-friendly control panels where you can install applications, manage files, and configure databases. You’ll also have access to email accounts and website statistics.

However, you will not get full root control like VPS or dedicated hosting, but because of the control panel, admins manage their domains with limited access.

Myth #5: Shared Hosting Isn’t Scalable

A common misconception is that shared hosting can’t handle website growth. The truth is, that many providers offer tiered plans with increasing resources. As your website traffic grows, you can easily upgrade to a plan with more storage, bandwidth, and processing power.

Shared hosting plans by MilesWeb have different plans with hardware specifications. These specifications are meant for a higher scalability which accommodates a higher website traffic.

Myth #6: Shared Hosting is Only for Beginners

It is a myth that only beginners or bloggers use shared hosting plans. The reality is if the shared hosting plan is suitable for entrepreneurial needs also, then this web hosting plan is feasible. Even an eCommerce website with moderate traffic can be hosted on the shared hosting server. As long as your resource requirements aren’t massive, shared hosting can be a cost-effective and reliable solution.

Myth #7: Free Hosting is Basically the Same as Shared Hosting

Free hosting services may seem like an attractive option, but they come with limitations. They often plaster ads on your website, restrict features, and offer unreliable performance. Shared hosting, while paid, provides a professional platform with better security, and uptime to ensure the maximum online availability.

Summing Up

Shared hosting often gets a bad rap, but hopefully, this blog post has shed some light on the truth. It’s a budget-friendly and user-friendly option for many websites, especially those just starting out. Now that you’ve seen common myths debunked, you can make an informed decision about whether shared hosting is the right fit for your needs. Remember, a good web hosting company will offer excellent customer support and reliable service, making your shared hosting experience positive. So, don’t be afraid to explore shared hosting – it might just be the perfect launchpad for your website!

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