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Do You Treat Potential Clients and Customers Like New Friends or Combative Foes?

by Ryan Biddulph

I love my clients and customers. I genuinely do.

I love my potential clients and customers too. I treat all people intrigued by my business with respect, care, and in truth, I see potential customers and clients as new friends. Even if we do not work together or if people do not hire me I respect, appreciate and show love for these folks. Doing so feels right. Taking this tact is a smart business too. You never know who prospective clients or customers know, opening up a referral business.

Do You Treat Potential Clients and Customers Like New Friends or Combative Foes

Being generous, genuine and warm helps me connect deeply with people intrigued by my business, blog and brand. But rewind a bit. I was not always as friendly to people interested in my products and services. I saw these folks as foes. Like a dingbat, I seemed outright combative with certain folks, sometimes. I was looking for a fight.

I saw people as folks I had to go against, to fight, to barter with, to drive hard bargains with. Not a good look. Mainly because I did things from an energy of fear. Fear means to fight. Love means harmony. Everything depends on your vibe.

Fast forward to today. I treat people with respect, love, and authenticity. I never go against people. I simply share my thoughts, quote my services, and allow my products to sell as the products sell themselves. Sure I promote the stuffing out of my eBooks. Ditto for my courses; recently, at least.

But I do not push, force, or strain to make money. Nor do I see my prospective clients and customers in a negative light. Too many bloggers see people as competitors, in a game focused on scarcity.

I know of a few bloggers who routinely make enemies of people interested in their products and services. This makes no sense to me. Why go against someone who potentially wants to be for what you do?

No need to drive hard bargains. You never need to see people in a negative light. I have posture in all I do but work with people versus trying to go against them.

For example, the other day someone pitched me a guest posting opportunity. I replied politely with my rates. He tried to lower my price based on his budget. I replied with a 🙂 and wished him the best. No enemies. Nothing personal. No anger. No agitation. He replied the following day. He agreed to pay my full price.


I met him with non-resistance. No fighting.  But I have seen bloggers who routinely mock budget-conscious bloggers. Been there. Done that. The approach does not work because it pulls you down lower on the energy scale, toward poverty, struggle, and failure, on a competitive plane. These bloggers sometimes publish social media posts complaining about cheap people pitching them.

Why? Cheapies trigger fear-based drivers in you.

Stop fighting people. Stop judging folks. Be grateful for opportunities served to you. Even if the opportunity doesn’t lead to business you learn valuable lessons in posture interacting with bargain-basement type clients or customers.

I learned how to be:

  • compassionate
  • detached
  • generous
  • trusting
  • posturing

by chatting with people interested in my products, eBooks and services. I needed real world experience to be confident. I accessed highly valuable moments by chatting with people who wanted something for nothing, bulk discounts and other demands lobbed out there by poverty conscious folks.

Thank goodness these people contacted me. I never would have the experience that made me the blogger I am today unless I connected with these people.

Being a successful blogger requires gaining serious experience. I chatted with my friend Alonzo a while back about how to blog successfully. Watch the video here:

How To Build a Successful Blog

Stop fighting people who may prosper you. Feel grateful for individuals reaching out to you. Never get attached to any of these folks from energies of fear. Generate a predominant feeling of being calm, cool and collected. I love:

  • meditating
  • doing Kriya yoga
  • doing yin yoga
  • exercising

daily, to expand my awareness. Expanding my awareness helps me see people interested in my products and services are resonant on some level so I treat these folks in friendly fashion. Be genuinely interested in people who express interest in your business. Accept these individuals gratefully. You never fight folks you feel grateful to meet because love and fear cannot reside in the mind simultaneously.

If I feel a little bit of combativeness I smile, relax and simply wish people who bargain with me the best. No sense trying to force someone out of their poverty conscious ways because they need to face their fears in order to transition from scarcity to abundance.

In more cases than not, these people will come around eventually. A few pay your full price or buy your stuff after an initial objection or two.

Treat prospective clients and customers like friends to prosper with your blogging business.


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