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1 Unconventional Way to Increase Your Blogging Success

by Ryan Biddulph

I recall 2008 fondly.

Actually, I recall 2008 with some discomfort, too.

I became a blogger in 2008. 12 years ago, my mind felt excited and afraid. I saw possibility but also felt doubt. I especially felt uncomfortable any time my family members discussed what I did. People asked me about my blog. Explaining my blog, what I did, and how I profited felt:

  • awkward
  • embarrassing
  • shame-triggering
  • unpleasant

because family members triggered fear in my mind related to my blog. I felt ashamed about my blog. I felt embarrassed to discuss my blog with human beings outside of my blogging buddy network. How could I succeed being burdened by deep fears related to my blog?

My family members helped me become a more successful blogger by administering truth serum. Truthfully, I felt deep fear concerning my blog. My mom, dad, sisters, and even friends unearthed fears I needed to face, feel, and release in order to become a:

  • clear
  • confident
  • generous
  • trusting
  • knowing
  • patient
  • persistent


The Unconventional Method

Mention your blog to your family and friends. Observe your feelings. Does fear arise in your mind, manifest as awkwardness, embarrassment or shame? How do you feel if family members mock your blogging career? How do you feel if family members tell you to “get a real job” versus blogging? Every fear family members and friends:

  • trigger
  • unearth
  • expose

feels raw but fear needs to go for you to become a thriving, professional blogger.

For example, deep fear manifest as shame and embarrassment arose after my parents asked me about my blog. I felt awkward explaining what I did online because my parents did not understand what I did; parents often trigger fear in children for our complex bonds, attachments and relationships, forged over decades. I had to face, feel and release fears my parents triggered or else I would be a scared, afraid, awkward, embarrassed, ashamed blogger who:

  • never guest posted
  • never commented genuinely on authority blogs
  • never built genuine blogging friendships
  • never monetized my blog
  • rarely published posts to my blog

Friends and fam trigger fears you need to feel and release for you to reach the next level of blogging success. Imagine feeling calm, clear and confident in your blogging buddy network because fellow bloggers understand you and agree with you. But success proves to be elusive. Failure follows you around like a little puppy. What gives? Fear. Fear buried deep in your being never arises in your safe, comfortable zone, amid understanding blogging buddies.

Your dad telling you to “get a real job” instantly unearths, triggers and exposes fears you need to face, feel and release to be a clear, confident, generous blogger who shares his or her gifts with the world. One reason why I guest post frequently is because I do not fear readers from a wide range of blogging audiences criticizing my work. Why? I faced, felt and released the fear of criticism from family and friends early during my blogging career.

Sitting with fear feels unpleasant. But no blogger goes pro being burdened by fear. Scared bloggers are not generous, patient or persistent. Scared bloggers do not trust in themselves. Scared bloggers do not trust in the blogging process. Scared bloggers look for shortcuts. Scared bloggers fail, struggle and quit. Parents, siblings and friends do a fabulous job triggering your fears to dissolve your scared, afraid, stingy, impatient, struggling, failing and quitting blogging ways.

Fam and friends unearth your deep fears with the scalpel of criticism. Versus avoiding their criticism, invite their barbs. Critics do you a great service, exposing fears you need to face, feel and release to reach your next stage of blogging growth.


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1 comment

Jenna Ronan December 28, 2020 - 1:59 pm


That’s really hard to convince our family and prove to be successful. That adds more fear, stress and responsibility to our blogging journey.


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