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What Blogging Advice Do You Need to Disbelieve?

by Ryan Biddulph

For the longest time, bloggers taught me that you need to build an email list and drive Google traffic to become a professional blogger. Other bloggers nodded, agreed, and set out to achieve both goals. Since most bloggers nodded in agreement and seemed hellbent on driving success through each strategy, I assumed I needed a big list and oodles of Google traffic to go pro. Virtually every blogger cannot be wrong, eh?

I tried my hand at each. Neither felt fun, enjoyable, or freeing to me. Quite to the contrary, list building and driving Google traffic felt heavy, boring, and quite bothersome to me. I did not resonate with either approach. Eventually, I let go of each strategy through the habit of disbelieving you NEED a big list and Google traffic to become a professional blogger.

Blogging Advice

Never blindly follow advice from blogging pros without running the advice through your intuitive filter. We all have different passions. Success finds us through paths of least resistance. Success avoids us through paths of great resistance. List and Google traffic formed paths of heavy resistance for me. Why? My time, talents and energy seemed best expressed through blogging, guest posting and networking generously.

The world did not need me to build a big list or to drive Google traffic. The world did need me to blog and guest post primarily about blogging mindset tips. Ditto for my networking; the world needed me to set a helpful example for how to network generously and genuinely. Bloggers already have 1000’s skilled, helpful bloggers who teach you how to successfully build an email list and also, how to successfully drive Google traffic.

The world has very few bloggers who teach you successful mindset tips for bloggers. I am one of those bloggers. I fulfill my genuine role. I serve my authentic purpose. But I only followed these steps by disbelieving the idea that bloggers can only succeed by building a big list and driving traffic through Google. Disbelieving feels uncomfortable. Dissolving concepts most bloggers believe feels unpleasant because one feels like an outsider looking in the moment you disbelieve in popular blogging fundamentals. But disbelieve you must to open your mind to all of the delicious opportunities and possibilities the Universe offers you.

By all means; drive Google traffic and build a big list IF each endeavor feels fun, freeing and a little bit uncomfortable for you to explore. I never had fun list-building and driving Google traffic; each felt heavy to me because neither resonated with me. I learned my lesson, let go each strategy and gave all of my blogging attention, energy and time to blogging and guest blogging about blogging mindset tips (mostly) and genuine networking, generously helping fellow bloggers.

Success found me. But only because I disbelieved in narrow-thinking, confining blogging concepts to open my mind to what my blogging purpose was. Win-win scenario here. I love the ride. You get the best and most useful content from me.

Everything begins the moment you see through popular blogging advice if the advice does not resonate with you or serve you. Listen to your heart. Trust your gut. Follow your fun, even if your fun does not resonate with popular blogging convention.


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1 comment

John Ravi December 25, 2021 - 10:32 am

Hi Ryan,

It was a very eye-opening article! As a blogger, we get a lot of advice from everyone, and I used to take them too seriously every time. I really appreciate your sharing this article and about the tips that we should disbelieve. I think you are right building traffic and email lists are not our first priority. Giving energy to blogging is much more rewarding and beneficial. Thanks a lot for sharing this, it was a great read, and I will share it with everyone in my network.


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