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Hostgator Managed WordPress Hosting Review

by Vishwajeet Kumar

Are you looking for a Managed WordPress hosting provider for your blog? If yes, then this post is for you. Managed WordPress hosting segment has some limited hosting providers. So, the competition is quite tough especially when it comes to pricing compare to features. Managed WordPress hosting is very expensive.

In this post, I am going to review the Hostgator Managed WordPress hosting that gives you awesome features at a very affordable cost.


I think you all probably know about the Hostgator. It is one of the oldest players in the web hosting industry and has millions of websites hosted with them. You can see their references all around the web. Previously they are well known for their shared hosting services. However, after acquired by the EIG group we have seen some downgrade in their hosting performance.

Hostgator Managed WordPress hosting review

Many users have started to send negative user experiences with them. But beside ups and down they have launched managed WordPress hosting for WordPress users to start and grow their blog. This hosting segment is specially designed by keeping WordPress in mind. Let’s check out some of its features and benefits.

Features and benefits

Hostgator managed WordPress hosting comes with some awesome features to skyrocket your blog. Let’s check out some of the features that they provide with every managed WordPress plans

1. SSD Space

All of their managed WordPress hosting plans is comes with SSD space. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It works much faster than the normal hard disk. Sites or blogs hosted on SSD has great performance and good page loading speed.

2. Free Website Transfer

Transferring your website to another host is a very technical and time-consuming job. They provide you free website transfer on all of their managed hosting plans. All you need is to contact their support team and they will transfer your website at no cost to you and also with Zero downtime.

3. Free SSL certificates

SSL is very necessary these days. If you don’t have SSL on your blog then it is quite hard to run a blog or any other online businesses. Today almost every browser is sending warning messages to users who are opening a non-https website. Even Google does consider it their ranking factor.

4.  Free website backup and restoration

You will get free website backups and restoration services with their managed WordPress plan. They will back up your website on a daily basis. If you have any issues with your website then you can restore your website to some previous dates.

5.  Automatic malware Remover

Hostgator is good when it comes to security. With their managed WordPress plan you will get free Codeguard security. It will protect your blog with malware and hacking attempts. You will also get the DDOS Protection for your Blog.

So, these are some of the common features that you will get with every Managed WordPress plan. Now let’s talk about the pricing.


Hostgator managed WordPress Plans

Hostgator is currently providing free 3 plans on their managed WordPress hosting. Let’s check them out one by one.

Starter Plan:

 In this plan, you can host up to 1 website. You will get unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This plan can handle up to 100k visitors per month. You also receive free 1GB backup along with Sitelock and code guard security. Free SSL security, Free Domain name.

This is an ideal plan to start and grow your blog without any issues. You can get this plan for just $5.95 per month.

Standard Plan:

This is a great plan for growing and established blogs. It allows you to host 2 WordPress blogs. You will get unlimited Space and Free SSL and 2GB of backups. This plan can handle up to 200K visitors per month. Free Domain Name, Sitelock, and Codeguard Security.  You can avail of this plan for just $7.95 per month. Sign up yearly or more time period to get maximum discounts.

 Business Plan:

This is an ideal plan for large websites that have huge content and visitors. In this plan, you are allowed to host 3 websites. This plan can handle up to 500k visitors per month. It also comes with unlimited Disk space, free domain name, SSL certificates, 3Gb backups, and all features that come in its previous plan.

This plan also comes with maximum computing power and hence gives you awesome speed. You can buy this plan for $9.95 per month. Pay yearly or more to get 57% off.

Customer support Services

Hostgator comes with excellent customer support service. Their support team is available 24/7, and 7 days a week. They have talented WordPress professionals to answer your all WordPress related queries and solve them in time and responsive way.

You can also create support tickets from your account and response time is pretty fast.


There is no doubt that Hostgator have improved their performance and uptime with their Managed WordPress hosting. All of their managed services are on the cloud server. If you check the screenshot below, you will see that they have to provide some decent uptime almost 100%. Which is pretty decent.

Hostgator Uptime

HostGator Cloud’s uptime and page speeds have really blown their shared server performance.


After reading all the benefits and features, I can say that Hostgator Managed WordPress is a great choice for you. Since Siteground has increased their pricing heavily. You can alternatively go with Hostgator for excellent performance and service which they offer at very affordable pricing. If you like the post, don’t forget to share it with others.


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Trickyard July 13, 2020 - 3:44 pm

Great article , to know all about the hostgator web hosting.

Best thing i found is free ssl.

Thanks for the information.

Lisa Sicard July 14, 2020 - 10:05 am

Hi Vishwajeet, I’ve been using Hostgator for almost 10 years now and Love it! They have great 24/7 support even during the Covid-19 crisis I was able to reach out to them. I rarely have any downtime now with the cloud package I upgraded to several years ago. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for hosting services.

Vishwajeet Kumar July 14, 2020 - 10:19 am

Hello Lisa,

Yes, You are right. They are one of the best web hosting providers out there. Thanks for sharing your experience and recommending them to others.

Vishwajeet Kumar

Deepak Kumar July 20, 2020 - 5:42 am

Hello brother,
Your article is very nicely written and to the point. Hostgator is one of the best hostings for both beginners and pro bloggers as it has various plans.
Thanks for sharing a detailed review on it it is really helpful to anyone to decide which one should they choose.

Vishwajeet Kumar July 20, 2020 - 5:48 am

Hello Deepak,

Glad you like the post, Buddy. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Vishwajeet Kumar

Rijhu Sinha September 14, 2020 - 3:37 pm

Hello Vishwajeet,

Very informative and useful article. Thanks for sharing in such detail.

A complete guide on Hostgator Managed WordPress Hosting and after going through this article I am quite sure this article will definitely going to help many of newbies bloggers.

I really appreciate the way you shared the various features and benefits of HostGator managed WordPress Hosting making it very easy and simple to go with. Thanks VJ and keep writing more similar and informative posts.

Thanks & Regards,

Sayem Ibn Kashem January 14, 2021 - 3:57 pm

Hey Vishwajeet Bro,

HostGator is my all-time favourite. This is one of the oldest hosting providers that have good fame for its beginner-friendly hosting plans. Thanks for sharing these beautiful insights about Hostgator.

Vishwajeet Kumar January 14, 2021 - 7:15 pm

Hello Sayem,

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Vishwajeet Kumar

Donna Merrill January 14, 2021 - 6:57 pm

Hi Vishwajeet,

Great article comparing different hosting platforms. I have been using Hostgator for years now and they are great! I did upgrade, and any time I’ve had a problem the customer service was amazing. It is one company that I truly trust.

-Donna Merrill

Vishwajeet Kumar January 14, 2021 - 7:16 pm

Hello Donna,

Yeah! Hostgator has some awesome customer support service. Thanks for sharing your experience with us

Vishwajeet Kumar

Lee May 21, 2021 - 8:38 pm

I have been using HostGator for about 11 years to host Drupal websites. I am in process of developing a site using WordPress and I am leaving HostGator as a result. There are major limitations to the shared plans. One in particular is the 25 simultaneous MySQL connections (compared to Bluehost with 150). I am constantly fighting database connection errors and slow site loading.

I have contacted HostGator support on four separate occasions and I am still having problems. It may be an issue with our particular shared server, but I’m not sticking around to find out!


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