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How to Speed Up your WordPress Blog

by Vishwajeet Kumar

WordPress is a widely used CMS to create blogs. It comes with plethora of themes and plugins that help you to create almost any type of website you want to create. But do you know that using these plugins and themes can slow down your WordPress performance?

How to Speed Up your WordPress Blog

Yes, When we use these plugins they will hamper your blog loading speed. Don’t worry in this post, we are going to show you how to speed up your WordPress Blog in just simple steps. Let’s find out:

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1. A  Poor Web Hosting

In many cases, it comes to notice that poor web hosting is the main culprit of slow WordPress Blog. There are millions of web hosting companies are out there. Many of them lure users with cheap plans. These hosting companies are not reliable. They only do it for making profits.

To speed up your WordPress Blog, you need a fast and reliable web hosting provider. We recommend our users to go with Greengeeks. They are one of the best and reliable web hosting provider with the fast loading speed and excellent network uptime.

2. Optimize your images

Images play a great role in page speed. If you are using images on your blog then you must need to optimize it to improve your loading speed. Actually, when we create or download images for our blog posts it is not optimized and also heavy in size. You can use third-party tools or plugins to optimize your images.

We recommend you to use WPSmush to optimize your blog images. This is a great and efficient plugin that optimizes your existing images and also optimizes the image when you upload your images. The plugin is very lightweight and support is also good.

3. Use Premium themes

We generally use free themes when we create a blog. But do you know that majority of free themes are designed poorly and they are not SEO friendly? It will slow down your blog performance. To speed up your WordPress blog you need to use premium WordPress themes. You can buy professionally designed premium themes at Themeforest at very affordable pricing.

Premium themes are designed professionally to ensure that your website use less CSS files and load fastly on web browsers.

4. Use Less Plugins

Many Bloggers are using too many plugins on their blog. Remember when you use too many plugins and users browse your website all of these plugins will load simultaneously. This will impact your blog loading speed and slow down your website.

Always use less number of plugins and deactivate and delete all unwanted plugins to free up your database and speed up your WordPress Blog.

5. Use a cache Plugin

Cache plugin helps you to optimize your WordPress blog for better performance. There are many cache plugins available some of them are WProcket WP Fastest Cache, W3 Total Cache, etc. These are some of the best cache plugins that help you to optimize your blog CSS, javascript, and other resources to speed up your blog loading speed.

6. Use Less Ads on your Blog

Many Bloggers are flooded their blog with ads which drastically slow down your website. Always remember using too many ads can create negative user experiences and may harm your revenue too.

Always use an ideal amount of ads and place them in strategic locations of your blog to generate more revenue.

7. Use CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It will cache your website DNS and content and make a copy of it and place it on their various servers across the Globe. When a user browse your website it will show it from the user’s nearest server.

It will speed up your WordPress Blog. Free CDN services Like Cloudflare is a great choice for you. It is currently powered millions of websites across the Globe.


These are some of the basics and important steps to speed up your WordPress blog. You can implement these steps and it will improve your WordPress site performance. If you like the post, please share it with your social networks.

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1 comment

Abhishek Verma August 16, 2020 - 11:42 pm

Have you tried WebP format for your blog, it will also help to improve the speed of your blog. However, thanks for sharing these tips.


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