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What Are You Willing to Let Go to Be a Professional Blogger?

by Ryan Biddulph

This is a guest post contributed by Ryan Biddulph where he shares what you need to be a professional Blogger?

Professional blogging is more about releasing than it is about acquiring anything.

Newbie or prospective bloggers want big bucks, around the world trips, and freedom through a professional blogging career. But becoming a professional blogger is mostly about letting go of old states of mind, confining feelings, less than inspired actions, and general fear-based energy that needs to go. For example, I let go of watching Netflix and/or Hulu for the next hour or so to write and submit 2 guest posts. This hardly sounds like the most altruistic sacrifice but what if I told you I likely blogged 15,000 hours over the past decade?

What Are You Willing to Let Go to Be a Pro Blogger

15,000 hours I spent blogging meant I had to let go 15,000 hours doing other stuff like:

  • going to the gym
  • hanging out with friends
  • watching movies online for hours
  • other habits not conducive to my fun, freedom, and success

before I could be the blogger I am today. I became a pro blogger years ago in part because I let go of waking up, grabbing a coffee, eating a bagel, and watching the news. I had to begin waking up, meditating, doing Kriya yoga, jumping into a cold shower, and fasting from time to time to:

  • face my fears
  • feel my fears
  • release my fears
  • follow my fun
  • trust me
  • be more generous
  • to know success is mine
  • be focused
  • get to blogging work for 1000’s of hours

in order to become a professional blogger. Giving up coffee, bagels and the news hardly seemed like a form of pure torture but you better believe I had to make other highly uncomfortable, scary choices to become the liberated, professional blogger I am today. I had to let go of the fear of criticism, the fear of failure, and other deep, pulsating fears by feeling these energies, by releasing these fears, and by moving in the opposite direction

I sacrificed what needed to go in order to become a professional blogger. Otherwise, I never would have become a professional blogger. I had to stop blaming the news media, politicians, and the economy before I went pro. No one goes pro by blaming people, places, or things for their failure because aspiring pros take complete ownership of their blogging career. I had to own my blogging career before going pro because ownership frees you to chart your blogging course.

What do you need to release to go pro? Do you need to cut out watching TV for 2-3 hours each evening after working your 9-5 job in order to engage in blogging work for 2-3 hours nightly? Do you need to wake up early and stay up late to get in the blogging work around your full time job? How about weekends? Do you spend 6 hours blogging on Saturday and Sunday to position yourself to leave your full-time job in order to become a full time, professional blogger?

Blogging gives you what you give blogging. But you need to let go old habits, ways of thinking and lower energies to make room for new habits, new ways of thinking and higher energies. Everything depends on you. Everything depends on your habit of release, or, letting go. Letting go what needs to go is well worth the fun and freedom of becoming a professional blogger. Letting go what you fear letting go is well worth the fun and freedom of becoming a professional blogger.

Forget about what you need to release. Remember the pro blogger you are becoming.

Let go to grow.


Do you need more peace in your blogging life?

Letting go often creates some initial inner turmoil. But over the long haul, letting go what needs to go creates immense peace of mind.

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