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Who Do You See as Your Blogging Mentors?

by Ryan Biddulph

Make sure you trust credible blogging sources. Never trust anyone who flows along the blogging pike.

Fear manifest as greed and/or impatience often influences new bloggers to follow mentors for the wrong reasons. Impatient new bloggers follow advice from the first possible source; gotta hit the ground running to make those quick, big bucks! Greedy bloggers follow advice from greedy, less than reputable, pros. Overwhelmed bloggers never follow a mentor because they cannot seem to choose or because they feel intimidated by what they need to learn.

Who Do You See as Your Blogging Mentors

Like everybody, I ran into strong resistance as a newbie blogger because I did not follow sound advice from pros routinely. A few new bloggers pick good mentors. Virtually nobody hits the ground running by following the best advice for a sustained period of time. Anyway, I actually followed bad advice for a few reasons.

#1 – I followed my own advice even though I had no clue in hell what I was doing…..because I was a newbie!

#2 – I followed advice from greedy bloggers who struggled mightily.

Guess what happens if you follow your own inexperienced advice and the advice of bloggers who struggle? Struggles follow. Shocker, eh? But I did at least gain big-time clarity in deciding not to follow bad advice from failing bloggers, ever again, after this super rough stretch of my blogging career.

Everything became so much easier the moment I decided to only follow pros because if they succeeded, I could succeed too. But I had to commit fully to count only top pros as blogging mentors. I also had to stop following advice from anyone other than top pros because these bloggers – though often meaning well – sometimes supplied me with negative, confining influences.

For example, some bloggers who struggled told me I could only succeed by building a big email list and driving mostly Google traffic. Two piles of horse dooky, both lies, these seeming pearls of blogging wisdom. I do not have much of a list and drive little traffic through Google. I am doing at least somewhat decent, blogging-wise. However, I had to spot these confining influences and run in the other direction to accelerate my blogging success.

Spotting the untrue advice requires you to expand your awareness. Consider meditating daily to become aware of who you follow, why you follow them and what these folks teach. Trust your intuition as your awareness expands because your heart tells you the right and wrong mentors for you to follow. The small, still voice always knows.

Who do you follow? What bloggers lead you? Who influences your blogging campaign? I only follow top pros although I do learn from everyone I come across. Everyone teaches me some type of blogging lesson but only top pros teach me the most powerful, successful blogging lessons. Learn from the best to become the best. Seek out advice from the blogging big dawgs of the world to become a blogging big dawg yourself. Top bloggers lead you but only if you follow these pros.

NEVER fall into the common blogging error: surrounding yourself with newbie or struggling bloggers and following their advice because it feels comfortable, and safe. I see this happen quite a bit with new bloggers or struggling bloggers. Hang out with fellow bloggers in the same predicament because these folks commiserate, co-complain and follow failing blogging strategies because no one needs to see themselves in the light of truth, when everybody enables you.

I cannot stress how easy and comfortable following failing, struggling new blogger advice feels as a newbie yourself. Bloggers do this all the time. Bloggers fail horribly all the time because you cannot learn how to succeed by following bloggers who fail.

I love you guys. I am compassionate. Naturally, I only tell you the blogging truth if you muck up, even if you do not want to hear it. Guess what? The truth sets you free after annoying you. I am a helpful blogging mentor because I am a pro who tells it like it is, being straight with you.

Do you want to live your dreams through blogging? Do you want to be free through blogging? Surround yourself with pro blogging mentors who tell you the truth, versus telling you what you want to hear. Ride the blogging straight and narrow toward success by learning from honest, compassionate pros who tell you what you need to do – and stop doing – in order to succeed online.

The truth may annoy you but the truth also sets you free.

Wouldn’t you rather follow a top pro who tells you the truth, to set you free, versus listening to dishonest bloggers or lost bloggers who perpetuate your struggles?


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1 comment

Rijhu Sinha September 24, 2020 - 12:15 pm

Hey Ryan,

This is really an excellent post. Mentor itself means- An experienced and trusted adviser who tell you the truth and gives you the best advice. To become a successful blogger you need to follow pro blogging mentors and seeks advice from them who tells you the truth, who guides you and not telling what you want to hear.

For me I am very sure you, Vishwajeet and Lisa are the best ones to follow as a mentor. I read all your articles as they are really informative and useful as well as inspires me a lot. A very much needed article especially for the newbies.

Many thanks and keep sharing your valuable words.

Thanks & Regards,


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