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1 Silly Blogger Writing Mental Block

by Ryan Biddulph

For whatever reason, bloggers deem one challenge to be overwhelming. But the challenge is no challenge. Bloggers believe this challenge cripples them. But I see it as a silly blogger writing mental block.

Bloggers believe readers will stop reading your blog if you do not deliver an eye-popping, entertaining, one of a kind writing style. Bloggers fear writing boring, bland blog posts but never seem to get the fact that writing simple posts is the key to becoming successful online. I sometimes jazz things up. I make colorful analogies, here and there. But at the end of the day, simple wins. Of course, most bloggers suffer from confidence issues. Suffering from confidence issues means you fear simple is boring, lame, or flat out, unappealing.

1 Silly Blogger Writing Mental Block

Bloggers pass the ridiculous meme to one another that you NEED to have some spectacular, un-missable, one of a kind writing voice in order to go pro, or, in order to make an impact. Not true. Note; I have also passed this meme from time to time. I own it. I make amends by writing and publishing this guest post to help you guys see that simple works fine, even if simple seems too bland, boring, or plain.

I am not advising you to do a terrible job writing. Practice writing daily to work out the kinks. Tighten up your grammar game. Be all about progress, growth, and yes, at the end of the day, be about finding your writing voice. But never believe that you need to be a dazzling, eye-popping, jaw-dropping writer who blogs making colorful, entertaining analogies, who writes with perfect form, or who may be confused with being the next Hemingway. I prove one need not be a super-skilled writer to be a pro blogger. 🙂

I recall chatting with a friend offline about one of my eBooks:

How to Find Your Writing Voice

The individual seemed stunned to know I scored 58, five-star reviews. He said how he could not write at all. I said:

“Neither can I!”

In truth, my eBook nabbed 58, 5 star reviews – being the highest ranked eBook on Amazon in its category for a bit of time – specifically because I allow bloggers to write in their own, authentic style to find their writing voice. Writing styles vary. Some blog more informally. Some blog formally. Some bloggers employ humor through their writing. Other bloggers adopt a more serious approach to writing. At day’s end, your style or delivery do not matter as much as just finding your voice by writing your tail off.

Change happens as you decide to change. Finding your writing voice occurs organically if you practice writing 500-1000 words offline daily for writing practice. Practicing your writing lets you iron out your writing voice. Ducking practice never allows you to find your writing voice. Not finding your writing voice leads to a general fitting in versus standing out, online. But never assume finding your writing voice means you need to be spectacular. No need for that. Be with the idea that finding your writing voice may mean publishing simple, helpful content in a clear fashion.

I can switch it up. Sometimes I go crazy funny. Other times I write more compassionate, heart felt blog posts. Mostly though, I write and publish simple, plain, helpful blog posts. I trust my gut. Although I usually decide to keep it simple via guest posts. Simple wins. Simple helps.

Do not add more complexity to your blogging campaign. Find your writing voice by practicing your writing but simply allow your voice to evolve as it is meant to be; simple works just fine, too

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