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How To Write A Blog Post [10 Proven Tips]

by Vishwajeet Kumar

Starting a blog is very easy and requires a small investment. However, Growing and Adding content is a tough job for newbie bloggers. In my earlier post, you have learned how to start a blog. In this post, I am going to show you how to write a post for your blog.

Content is King” You have heard this phrase in many pro blogging sites. Adding content to a blog is very important as it helps you to grow your blog and attract readers to your blog. Content convey the objectives of your blog.

How to Write A Blog Post

There are some basic steps that need to be considering while crafting a blog post for your blog. Let’s check out how to write a blog post for your blog.

Step1. Understand the objective of your Blog

Before you start writing content on your blog, you need to understand the objectives of your blog. Your niche can help you to determine the objectives of your blog. For instance, you have chosen a tech niche that means you have good and proper knowledge in this field. You are confident that you can help others through your knowledge.

This is a very important step to crafting posts for your blog. If you are unable to fulfill the request of your readers then people will have zero trusts on your blog. In simple words, the niche you have chosen is to help you to determine the objective of your blog.

Step 2. Look what people looking in your niche

This is a very important step. Before starting writing the post, you need to understand what your users are looking for. Quora plays a great role here. Quora is a question-answer site where millions of people have asked questions daily.

You can leverage this awesome tool to find out some trending questions about what your users are looking for. For example, you are in a health niche. Just search for the keyword “Health” in quora. You will then find the relevant and mostly asked questions by users.

Trending questions on quora

It will definitely help you to understand what exactly users are looking for your site. Eventually you will able to find out the blog post ideas for your blog.

Step 3. Research Blog post ideas

Now when you have found the most trending questions that people asked in various online platforms. You have to find the blog post ideas for your content. This will help you to create catchy headlines for your blog.

You can brainstorm your ideas by using SEMrush. Click here to sign up for 7 days of free Trail. This is a complete tool that helps you to find out blog post ideas for your blog.  After signing up login into your account. On the left side click “Topic Research ”  enter your  desired keyword and hit “Enter

Semrush Topic Research

It will show you some best topics and headlines for your blog post. As you see I have added the keyword “Technology ” and it shows me plenty of content ideas for this relevant keyword.


Step 4. Look what your competitors are missing

There are millions of content published daily. You have to add something unique to your post. It can be done by keeping a close eye on your competitor. You can do this by searching on Google.

Just enter your desired keyword. Here you will find some trending questions that asked and sites that published the content in this segment. Just read some of the articles from these sites.

It will help you to get some points that need to cover keeping user interest in mind. You can now cover these missing points in your post to leverage the competition.

Don’t forget to write down your ideas in your spreadsheet. So that you can revisit and investigate it further.

Step 5. Keyword research

Research your keyword before working on your content. The keyword plays a great role here and determines your search engine. It also helps you to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

I always suggest users’ to start with low competition keywords. Because it will help you to understand the market completion and hustling up your rankings.

You can use ahrefs Keyword Difficulty metric, which gives you an idea of how hard it would be to rank in the top 10 Google search results.

Step 6.  Create a Outline for your post

After going through the above steps, you need to create an outline for your post. Use broad topics that you want to cover. Follow up it by filling the sub-topics for each section. Don’t forget to give each section a name.

For instance, your outline might looks like:

Header: xbox series x  Review: It’s Amazing!

  • Subheader: Why is the Xbox series x so amazing?
    • Sub-sub-header: Great selection of games
    • Sub-sub-header: Durability and screen quality
    • Sub-sub-header: Number of players
  • Subheader: The best games on Xbox series x
    • Sub-sub-header: Solo play games
    • Sub-sub-header: Cooperative games

It helps you to create a visual hierarchy of important topics.  Headers is the most important (and only used once per post), sub-headers being more important than sub-sub-headers and so on. Using these techniques you already started optimizing your post.

You can also use bullets to highlight out some important points. They are also an excellent way to feed your audience in a way that keeps them coming back for more.

Step 6. Add Images to your post

The image speaks a thousand words. You need to add images to break up your content so that your users can grasp it easily. The human mind understands the visuals more easily than the text.

Make sure that you have created your own images to avoid any copyrighted issues. You can use tools like Canva to create your own images. However, you can also use free stock images from sites like Pixabay, pexels, etc.

Step 7. Optimize your post for SEO

You cannot rank well if you do not optimize your content for SEO.  If you want to maximize your SEO efforts, then I highly recommend that you optimize your blog post for Good SEO.

Below are some of the tips that we follow:

  • Add a proper meta title
  • Add a proper meta description
  • Optimize for focused keywords
  • Use related keyword variation
  • Add alt-text to your images
  • Embed internal links to your other content

These are the basic On-Page SEO methods that need to be fulfilled to make your content SEO friendly. It also helps search engines like Google to crawl and index your content quickly.

Step 8. Proof read your Content

Proofreading is very important to make your content free of any grammatical and spelling errors. People love to read content that is free of this error. I recommend Grammarly to proofread your content. Click here to sign up for Grammarly

It is a fantastic tool and I am using it for the past 1 years. It will definitely hone your writing skills. You can use its extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers. You can also download the portable version of it on your PC as well.

Step 9. Use a Call-to-action

You can start with a quick summary of what you covered in the post. Think about the gist of your headline and summing up your readers of how you paid off what the headline promised in one or two sentences.

You can also ending by asking for a social share and let your readers to ask their concern in comment section. It will increase the engagement on your content.

Step 10. Double Check everything

Read your draft 2 to 3 times before publishing it on your blog. It helps you to find out any mistakes or points that you have missed. You can also take the help of a professional to check your post.

If everything is okay then you start the procedure of publishing it on your blog.

Over to you

I know being a newbie, creating content is a very tough job. Publishing anything on your blog won’t make any sense. Keeping your readers and their interest in your mind will help you to write a post for your blog.

I am sure that this post has helped you to learn how to write a blog post for your blog. If you still having issues with creating content then you can hire the content writer for your blog. However, you need a budget for it.

If you have any questions or concerns let them ask in the comment section. I will try to respond to them at my convenience. Don’t forget to share the post if you like it. 


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Eniola Samuel November 3, 2020 - 12:08 pm

Blog posts is one of the very foundation of building a successful blog, to create a great content takes more than typing it takes more than words.

You really nailed it with this post presenting the process of each steps is a great thing. Thanks for creating this post bro!

Sayem Ibn Kashem November 3, 2020 - 5:15 pm

Hey Vishwajeet,

I have just found your article on Facebook and came across to read how you have covered this topic. I am glad that I checked this amazing piece. You have covered everything so amazingly! Thanks for sharing!

Vishwajeet Kumar November 3, 2020 - 5:34 pm

Hello Sayem,

Glad you liked it.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Vishwajeet Kumar


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