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1 Offline Tip for Successful Blogging

by Ryan Biddulph

Talk to people.


Get over yourself.

Build your confidence.

Carry that same confidence to your blog. Confident bloggers succeed.

I spoke to a few folks we are house-sitting for about my blog last night. After 5 minutes of chatting, I worked on my blog, domain name, and how I help people. Far from being an elevator pitch, I simply seamlessly work my blog into offline conversations routinely. Readers, customers, and clients originate from all directions.

1 Offline Tip for Successful Blogging

Confident, social bloggers create helpful content and make friends by being chatty. Prolific, connected bloggers succeed.

I spoke to an Uber driver a while back for at least 5 of the 10 minutes we drove to my stop.

We talked of my life, my blog, my traveling life, and her Uber experiences.

Fun times. But speaking about myself and also, her life, helps me be more social, clear, confident and relaxed. Taking these energies offline, to the online world, helps me experience greater success.

This works for Uber drivers, fellow shoppers at the grocery store, cashiers at the fast-food restaurant, and any human being you come across in an offline setting.

Think for a second; if you do not fear speaking to people offline, would you ever fear posting a blog comment?

Of course not.

Speaking offline gives you confidence in connecting with human beings.

Commenting online is so much easier because you are typing, not in a real-time chat, but in a passive, casual, relaxed fashion.

See what I mean? Be confident offline; being confident online is a total breeze.

No problems at all.

But you better speak up offline. Talk to people at the store. Strike up a chat. Be social.

Let go shyness and its damaging, fear-based, failing energy.

Why be shy? What….are you 5 years old?

You are an adult! Speak guys, speak. Talk. Be social. My dad is like a mayor or governor or senator.

He knows everybody. He has friends everywhere. Whenever he needs work done on his home, he has 2-4 or more friends who are either contractors or know contractors.

He has trusted resources everywhere.

How did he do it? He talks to anybody, and everybody, at any time. He has no fear of reaching out to strangers or chatting for a minute or 5 minutes.

He connects with humanity. If he genuinely wanted to be an entrepreneur – he is retired now – he easily would have been a multi-millionaire because every business is a people business, and he is as social and genuine as they come.

I used to be shy until I saw how much being shy hurt me and hurt my blogging business.

Now I can talk to a closed-door about my blog and what I do.

I also take a genuine interest in other people and their lives to form deeper connections, like how I asked my driver to share her Uber experiences.

Now I find it easier and easier to be social online. Social, confident bloggers make tons of friends and see stunning blogging success over the long haul.

Bloggers who conquer the fear of being social online completely obliterate the fear of being social online, chatting with people via blog comments, Twitter, Facebook, and email.

Blogging gets easier and easier if you are social, and tougher and tougher if you are unsocial, being afraid to talk to people.

Speak to people offline to make it easy to speak to people online.

Life is fulfilling if you spend most of your day meeting people, talking to people and connecting more deeply with old buddies, every single day.

Blogging success follows.


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Robin October 13, 2020 - 7:51 pm

Being Social and confident are very helpful to become successful entrepreneur and Blogger too. Nice one offline suggestion.

Rakesh October 13, 2020 - 7:53 pm

People are more online nowdays comparing to offline. Offline commenting are great source to become social. It makes you confident.

Gurjit Singh May 11, 2023 - 8:08 am

Thanks for sharing this useful information


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