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New Bloggers: Problems Eventually Catch Up to You

by Ryan Biddulph

New bloggers: problems always, invariably, catch up to you.

Never sweep problems under the rug. Every problem you avoid catches up to you in some way, shape, and form. You cannot get over something you do not address.

I recall an error I made even as a veteran blogger. My site appeared to be slow. I ignored it. Site went down. Many times daily. I ignored it. Granted, I had not much traffic at the time. But eventually, my traffic dropped so much that I had a helluva time drawing anybody to my blog.

Everything seized. I was a complete idiot, a blogging fool, an online dingbat. I ignored a problem – terrible hosting – and the problem caught up to me. Eventually, it caught up to me in a big-time way. My site dropped off. Business died, big time because I was foolish enough to completely ignore the fact that my site was down or slow much of the day.

Unfortunately, this problem – and my aversion – unfolded over many months.

Of course, this was well before Blogging From Paradise. Old blog. Old brand. Old story. But this rings true for all bloggers who bury their problems. Be with your struggles now. If you drive 1 subscriber to your email list each year, ya got from a problem. Never bury your head in the cyber sand because problems catch up to you.

5 years down the road, when you have wasted countless hours futzing around, the big bucks and big business you could have generated is….zero. Nada. Nothing. Nobody changes until facing blogging problems – or life problems – head on. Nobody wins unless you learn from your losses. We all want to bury our heads in the sand when stuff goes south, sometimes at least. But being all over traffic, profits or general site issues helps you correct these issues pronto.

Face the blogging music. Own problems. Solve problems. Ask blogging buddies for help if you need help to solve problems.

My Deal

No joke; my old blog took 30 seconds to load sometimes. Factor in 40 plus times down daily – I wish I was kidding but I am not – and you have an incredibly unprofessional-looking blog, horrific user experience and failed blogging campaign. I woke up. Went with a rocking hosting company. For about 3 years, this company cut the mustard, doing the job. But again, a cycle replayed itself. Poor loading speed and worse load times bedeviled me. Horrible for my readers. This time, lesson learned. I turned things around because I simply hopped all over the issue mad fast.

My developer told me this formerly awesome hosting company offered a lesser than hot customer service experience. Obviously, they had to be overloading servers too, as they went more big boxes. Wee bit, at least. Even though I mucked around with them for a few days I learned my lesson pronto and simply went with a VPS. Now my site loads fast. Really fast. Super duper fast. Up virtually all of the time, too. Lightning quick, up almost every second, my user experience is seamless and I emit a professional blog and brand image because I addressed this problem so darn fast, it’ll make your head spin.

Be all over problems fast. Or blogging problems will be all over you.

Solving problems fast also accelerates your blogging success.

Doesn’t that sound like a strong enough reason to face blogging issues head on?


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Ali September 22, 2020 - 9:02 am

Hi Ryan,
I am a blogger and I can totally relate what you are saying here. To me, procastination is the biggest enemy. Sometimes, the tasks are accumulating, I feel confused, lost and I did nothing to it. In my own experience, working in a team is a great soluttion. My team mates really inspire me and push me when I feel bad. I am really thankful to them.

Nikola Roza September 23, 2020 - 2:22 am

Inspirational post, Ryan,
I think we wouldn’t ignore our problems if we learned to see them as challenges that, once won, we’d be glad to have them.
Then we’d race to solve our problems.


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