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How To Do Instagram Marketing For Your Business

by Vishwajeet Kumar

How do businesses flourish? In earlier times, in one industry, if one company or store has to gain or poach customers from another company or store, the products have to be good. There were other factors such as the environment in the purchasing store, customer care service, discounts (attractive offers) during festivals, etc. Those were the days of brick-and-mortar stores, and businesses flourished only through personal recommendations and simple advertisements on papers/posters stuck at important places in the city.  A look at the present scenario, if we take online business or eCommerce into consideration, then you will see an entire flip of the traditional methods of marketing and advertising. For example, in today’s business world, social media marketing has become an integral part of the advertising industry. Every social media platform has its own share of industries. Take the case of Pinterest. This site is mainly used to showcase food recipes, ornaments, and clothes. Facebook is used by every business for generating traffic to the website and boosting sales revenue. But we are going to discuss another popular social media platform in this article, which has become the heartthrob of millions. Yes, you are right! We are focusing on Instagram in this article. In the following paragraphs, you will get to know how to do Instagram marketing for your business.

Best Tips to do Instagram Marketing to make your Business Popular

Best Tips to do Instagram Marketing

Since everyone is busy taking photos of their personal moments, happy events, and posting on their Instagram account, even businesses have taken note of the ample opportunities of marketing, they can do on this platform. As per records, nearly more than 20 million companies make use of Instagram for generating business. The number of individuals using this platform for personal use crosses 200 million. Every day, 1.6 billion likes are given by individual account holders for images on Instagram. Then, imagine the number of shares, comments, etc. Is there a doubt, why many businesses are concentrating more on marketing on this platform?

Why has Businesses taken Interest in Instagram?

Though there are many social media platforms, Instagram is counted as the best one where you can reach the maximum number of people and can also build brands. If you have designed the perfect image for a post, and can make the people get engaged, then there are multiple chances that your company products will transform to a brand. One major reason why many companies vouch for Instagram marketing, is that they get to know easily the loyalty of your followers, the likes, comments which can make them realize their business goals.

Content on Images

content on Images

This is where you have to take a guard. The content, colors, font size, etc. Let us take a case study. You have an ECommerce website dealing with healthcare products. If you want to popularize your website products on Instagram, you need to create the posts. However, the color of the posts should be either plain white or light blue as they are the colors used in healthcare products. Also, the content on the images should rely on positivity and getting back to health.

Now, even the color of your website should resonate with those of your posts/images. Any changes, and you will lose the trust of your followers.

How can you make your Target Audience buy Products from Instagram?

You need to have a content writing or copywriting team or a person who is well-versed in writing call-to-action words for the audience. The content in the image should inform the target audience about your products, give the solution for the need, convey information about discounts/offers, and gently make them purchase the products.

Post an image which can trigger a call-of-action in the target audience and make a purchase. Okay, if they are not buying, but still like the image, the posts can get likes, shares or at least a good comment. Since Instagram is a platform for sharing posts, the images need to be engaging and have high quality content.

If you find a customer consistently giving likes to your products, then you can start commenting and getting engaged with the customer. By this method, you can create a loyal community for your brand.

There is one particular benefit regarding the posts. If needed, you can also change a nice-performing post to a sponsored ad. This article is mainly about organic posts, so we will not concentrate on paid or sponsored posts. Please note, similar to image, you can also share videos, stories, carousel or dynamic ads and stories canvas. You can shoot videos on your own, use Photoshop and Canva to create the best images and more.

Consider these points while making a post:

Does the content/color/image match with your company’s product/motto? Or is it a complete change?

Does the image give a solution regarding the needs for the target audience? You need to also know the number of customers the post can reach.

Please note, Instagram is checked online mainly by mobile users. So if any customer likes your post and wants to visit your website, it should be mobile responsive. But there is a catch. Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, where you can share posts, and even put your website URL or shortened URL, you will not be able to post the link on Instagram. It will come in the form of text.

Branded Hashtags


Do you want your audience to identify your posts? Then, create a unique hashtag for your company products. If you are dealing with health products, you can create a new hashtag such as #healthproductstogetbetter. Posting with the same hashtag can make your target audience search for the older posts with ease. This is the best method for free advertising. You can even make a database of the best images with the most likes, comments, and post them with different hashtags after some time.

Right Time

Please do not overpost your products ten times a day. Just have a look at the humanitarian trait. Even if you are a follower of a brand product, you can give one like to a post per day. How about, if the company has posted ten images, and they are coming one after the another on your Instagram account? You will become bored, and will not give a like or share for the other posts. So, the rule on Instagram, overpost and you will lose your followers. Get to know the times and hours, your target audience is on Instagram. As per a survey taken on social media platforms, posts shares on Wednesdays and Sundays get few likes, shares on Instagrams. The best days are Mondays and Thursdays.

You need to check the timings for posting the images. Let us get to the basics. You can be in any country, but if you are making a post between 8 AM to 9 AM, then it will coordinate with the time when people want to go to their office. So, there are fewer chances of them checking your update on Instagram or any social media platform.

If you feel posting on Instagram at a certain hour of the day gets the most likes, then spend some amount of your money to go for a multi-posting scheduling platform such as Hootsuite, SproutSocial, and CoSchedule. You can also use Later for better results.


Let us imagine, you followed the tips given in this article – How to do Instagram Marketing for your business? It has been six months and your business has grown multi-fold. Now you want to take your marketing to the next level. Being a small ECommerce company with only five people on board for running the operations, you do not want to hire a digital marketing professional with years of experience. So, you outsource the tasks to a reputed digital marketing company that works with domestic and international clients. So, the concerned digital marketing professionals of the company will then work on a plan, and if you have the budget, can go for sponsored ads (opt for a business Instagram account) to take your business to the next level of success.


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Ryan K Biddulph September 25, 2020 - 8:29 am

Good job on this post Vishwajeet. The value theme definitely works on Instagram as value grows business through any network. Publish high quality photos aligned with your business. Match image colors with your brand. Be a persistent poster but do not flood the stream. All keen insights buddy.


Lisa Sicard October 2, 2020 - 11:31 pm

Hi Vishwajeet,

I believe you have to stay consistent on Intagram and on topic. I’ve strayed a bit on mine and lost some engagement. Adding stories also helps grow the account for your business. There are so many things one can do on that network today like Reels and tagging others.

The timing is key like you said too – always checking on the insights there. Thanks for the tips Vishwajeet and have a great day!

Vishwajeet Kumar October 3, 2020 - 6:35 am

Hello Lisa,

Glad you liked it. Instagram is really growing as one of the best sources for web promotions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Have a Great Day 🙂
Vishwajeet Kumar


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