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Do You Have Difficulties Monetizing Your Blog?

by Ryan Biddulph

Bloggers tend to have a tough time making money through their blogs.

If you do struggle to prosper you need to face one truth dead in the eyes:

clinging to money fears is the sole reason why you have difficulties monetizing your blog.

I will share an example with you. For the longest time, I feared promoting my 120 eBooks. I clung to many deep fears related to the quality of the eBooks, the clarity of my reads, and my overall Kindle campaign. The fear manifests as me hiding my eBooks. Most folks barely knew I had written and self-published eBooks because I never talked about my eBooks. Hiding a prime income stream tends to hurt your overall blogging profits.

Do You Have Difficulties Monetizing Your Blog

No action, outside influence, or person affected my ability to monetize my eBooks save my fears related to monetizing my eBooks.

Lesson learned.

Now I promote at least one of my 120 plus eBooks through every single guest post I write. Even better? I write and publish a steady number of guest posts daily, for quite a long time. The only reason why I engaged in a prolific guest posting – and eBook promoting – the campaign is because I faced, felt, and released my fears related to my eBooks.

How about you? Do you seem to struggle with monetizing your blog? Do not complain about Google AdSense. Stop whining about Amazon’s policies. Completely own fears you possess regarding money to find the root of your blog monetizing problems. Every one of your money fears feeds a predominant blog monetizing issue.

Imagine if you feared not making enough money through your blog. Perhaps this fear manifests as believing your ads are not seen in enough spots on your blog. Guess what happens next? You make the common mistake: plastering way too many ads on your blog repels money. I read a blog earlier today with no less than 10 ads popping up within the blog post as I scrolled through. Ad blindness ensued. I closed out the blog and left it for good.

No one enjoys reading a blog vomiting ads. Even fewer folks click on the ads. Desperation repels readers, money and blogging business.

Face, feel and release the fear of losing money. Clearing money fears lets you blog from energies of:

  • abundance
  • trust
  • confidence
  • clarity
  • posture
  • generosity

Being generous, trusting and abundant makes you prolific. Prolific bloggers generally have few issues monetizing their blogs freely.

But the issue remains: being prolific is only 1 step to profiting online. Monetizing your blog effectively involves adding multiple income streams slowly and steadily.

Never depend solely on advertising revenue as the bulk of your blogging income. Bloggers who drive a heavy volume of highly targeted traffic generate solid income through ads. Everyone else struggles terribly because a high volume of highly interested readers are what it takes to earn a serious income through advertising.

Add as many income streams as possible to your blog. Imagine tossing 15 fishing rods into the water instead of 1 fishing rod. More readers bite because folks have more opportunities to purchase something that benefits them.

Add one income stream every 3-6 months, if not more frequently.


  • sell sponsored posts
  • write and self-publish eBooks for Amazon Kindle
  • convert eBooks to audiobooks
  • convert eBooks to paperbacks
  • be an Amazon Associate or engage in other forms of affiliate marketing
  • sell ad space
  • sign up for Google Adsense
  • offer coaching services
  • offer consulting services
  • offer freelance writing services

The income streams are simply receiving channels; do not get attached to anyone’s income channel. Focus heavily on helping people generously, publishing valuable content, and building strong bonds with readers in your niche.


Are you having a difficult time edging through blogging obstacles?

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