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Why Sprint Forward without Blogging Knowledge?

by Ryan Biddulph

New bloggers often wing it before learning how to blog from a professional blogger.

Alas; that never goes well.

I foolishly winged it as a newbie over 12 years ago. I bought my domain and hosting and began writing and publishing blog posts. About what? Who cares!? I could care less. I had no blogging knowledge. I had no blogging experience. But I assumed writing and publishing content – on any topic somewhat related to prospering online – made the most sense. Bloggers with days of blogging experience assuming ideas do not work out well. Been there. Blogged that. Lesson learned.

But most new bloggers never seem to learn how new bloggers need to acquire knowledge from pros in order to succeed. Observe this blog. Vishwajeet acquired ample knowledge from blogging pros to learn how to set up his side bar, how to establish navigation on his blog, and how to write and publish blog posts. I had to learn how to guest post before I wrote guest posts. I had to acquire knowledge concerning how to network the right way. I learned from professionals. Pros taught me how to do blogger outreach to move higher in blogging circles.

How much blogging knowledge do you acquire? Do you feast on advice from professional bloggers? Listen to pros. Buy their eBooks. Purchase their courses. Read their blog posts. Take notes. Study the notes. Nobody succeeds until acquiring successful blogging knowledge from pros. But most bloggers skip acquiring knowledge; success never follows. Bloggers believe because starting a blog seems easy that blogging is easy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Blogging starts with learning how to blog successfully from professional bloggers. Humble yourself. I learn from bloggers every single day. Being open to knowledge lets me move forward more gracefully because the blogging niche is continually changing.

Do not wing it. Do not try to wing it. Blogging is a highly nuanced skill involving many moving parts. Bloggers are observers, writers and entrepreneurs. Being an observer involves learning how to spot reader problems. Being a writer involves ample practice plus a willingness to learn how to write effectively. Everyone can use practice on how to become a better entrepreneur. Acquiring knowledge from experienced business people is the way to cut your learning curve, blogging-wise and business-wise.

Learning each skill takes ample time, energy, and patience. Everybody needs to acquire knowledge over the long term; nobody learns that quickly. Take your time. Do NOT sprint forward during early blogging days without obtaining ample knowledge. Never wing it. Bloggers buy their domain and hosting, try to get rich as fast as possible, and begin writing and publishing posts without learning how to blog. I know an experienced internet marketer who spent the whole of 6 months learning how to succeed online, acquiring knowledge, studying, and filling his mind with valued golden nuggets about how to prosper online.

Follow his lead. Do not rush as a newbie. Be patient. Learn how to blog successfully from pros. This takes time, folks. Expect to spend days and weeks learning how to blog the right way as you dive into blogging. No one picks up this much knowledge in a day or two; remember the 3 moving parts of blogging one needs to learn to succeed.

Slow down. Calm down. Be patient. Be persistent. Get the blogging knowledge you need to start blogging the right way.


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1 comment

Lisa Sicard December 10, 2020 - 5:12 pm

Ryan, Patience is a virtue that many younger people do not have today! I hope they can understand and learn patience. It really takes time and not everything can be done immediately as it seems. It is just an illusion. Even after 10 years of blogging, I’m still learning new things every day. This thing called blogging is always about learning by doing and learning from others. Make it a great day!


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