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When Did You Last Lend a Blogging Helping Hand?

by Ryan Biddulph

I know of a few bloggers doing a fabulous job while growing through a difficult time in their lives.

Each blogger seems to be going through what I went through for roughly 12 months from early 2019 to early 2020.

My wife and I helped care for her mom. We largely lived with my mother in law during a tough, but loving, freeing and enlightening year long stretch. She suffered through a long term illness. She eventually passed on but I know intimately well what it feels like to care for an ailing parent or in this case, for an ailing mother in law.

Knowing how this feels, I intend to lend a blogging helping hand to fellow bloggers suffering, growing and freeing themselves through similar situations. Again; I know a few dear blogging buddies of mine caring for their parents in somewhat similar situations. I lend a blogging helping hand by writing more guest posts for them, by promoting old guest posts published and in doing what I can do to help them in their moments of need.

When is the last time you lent a blogging helping hand to bloggers in need? Everybody seems to get super busy with their lives. Sometimes, we think only about ourselves. This is OK; I do the same thing because I am not enlightened either 🙂 But reading a quote this morning from an Indian guru who lived hundreds of years ago woke me up even a bit more to this concept.

This enlightened soul said how if you stop doing what you want you can do as you like.

Think this quote through, guys. Doing what YOU want is ego, and your singular, more selfish, more greedy, desires. But if you start giving up your ego desires a little bit even, and do things based on the needs of others, a certain sense of peace, calm and love exudes through your being. Love begins overtaking fear in your being. Lending a helping hand to bloggers in need become routine.

In essence, you begin leaving survival mode and its illusory fears, being caught up in the prison of self-service, to enter into thriving mode, a real, genuine, generous life of service. Do you want to know a neat side effect of lending blogging helping hands by putting other blogger’s needs over your ego wants? Worldly success flows to you.

Generous blogging buddies of mine like Vishwajeet kindly offered me guest posting rights on their blogs. I enjoy helping you awesome readers. I blog to serve. But greater worldly success found me because the high volume of guest posts I published on this blog accelerated my blogging success, too. My prime intent is to lend a blogging helping hand. The fascinating side effect of helping fellow bloggers and their readers: more blogging success flows to you.

Assess your blogging campaign. Observe how you may be too obsessed with your ego desires, your survival needs and your sole focus on grabbing more traffic and profits for yourself. Step a little bit out of that world. Ask blogging buddies how things are going. Some blogging buddies may share offline struggles and challenges, like caring for aging, ailing parents. Offer to write a guest post for these bloggers. Think about increasing their passive traffic and profits through your guest post. Think about how busy they are spending hours offline and how helpful it’d be for them to receive a guest post that they can publish in 5 minutes.

Lend a blogging helping hand. Be generous. Spot problems. Be a servant. Blogging feels fun for generous servants. As an added bonus, worldly blogging success follows.


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