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Collaborative Tools for Remote Work During COVID-19

by Vishwajeet Kumar

During the crisis we are going through, we must still work effectively while maintaining the link with our employees and our customers. The current confinement prevents the usual meetings from being held and restricts exchanges within the teams. Are you looking for solutions to communicate well with them and to organize remote meetings? This article offers you effective online collaborative tools that we use or that we have encountered with our partners.

Collaborative Tools for Remote Work During COVID-19

Organize remote meetings

Meetings, which you used to organize with your colleagues or with your clients, are still possible online. Indeed, applications exist to offer video conferences. Although they do not allow for a full meeting, some tools still facilitate communication in the form of tables or videos to share. Several solutions are available to you to work remotely by video conference.

Organize Remote Meetings

1. RecordCast

RecordCast is a free tool available in the Chrome browser. This tool records your screen in video mode and also the sound recording. This is ideal for giving complex explanations, detailing actions step by step, and sharing this video. RecordCast is free and easy to use. In addition, the recordings made are of good quality.

2. Miro

Miro is based on the idea of an interactive screen integrating many features. Users can thus collaborate remotely in real-time on each board. Templates, ready to use, make your job easier. You have the possibility of creating different types of annotations on the screens (post-it notes, texts, frames, etc.). A presentation mode allows the screen to be broadcast remotely, like a PowerPoint. You can also initiate a video conference or activate comments on-screen shares. Data created online can be exported in various formats. Adding plug-ins is possible.

Organize effectively to work remotely

Intelligent software has been designed to optimize information sharing and storage in an organized manner so that all your employees can access it. These online tools take time to get started but are extremely effective for working remotely and advancing your projects.

Organize effectively to work remotely

1. Navigator

Navigator presents itself as an online virtual assistant. It synchronizes with Google Calendar to set meetings, reminders, set goals. It also includes a summary of meetings. He monitors the activities of the company. The automation of recurring appointments is a significant time-saver. Reminders are sent at fixed dates and times.

2. Notion

Notion is an incredibly flexible tool allowing management in a unique and completely customizable collaborative space, which can ultimately be likened to a corporate social network. Notion can be used offline or online and is presented in the form of collaborative tables. Calendars, the insertion of Wikis, task management, a note-taking space, the addition of all types of documents, and CRM data boost productivity in a clear and structured way. All the necessary documents are gathered in one place with access for all employees. The integration of databases that support files of different types (PDS, videos, google sheet, etc.) offers many possibilities.

Communicate in real-time and share documents while working remotely

To communicate orally or in writing, here are various ways to stay connected or transmit information to your partners, whether they are your teams or clients.

Communicate in real-time and share documents while working remotely

1. Gsuite

The functions offered by Google are interesting in order to keep the link with your teams. Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Google Calendar integrate features to easily host, transmit, and send documents. Paid options for businesses are available to increase the available data backup space and transfer all that data to other tools. These formulas include 24-hour assistance.


Discord a free and secure voice and text chat, originally intended for the world of gamers. Discord has the strengths of Slack and Skype. Simple and quick to download and use, it consists of exchanging text messages or voice messages by connecting the microphone. It is possible to search for users on the software to invite them. You can create a space reserved for your collaborators called a “server” and open various “rooms” on specific topics to categorize conversations. A notification system sets up a watch and avoids missing important information.

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Thanks to these numerous online collaborative tools, working effectively remotely during containment is possible. You have to test them and take them in hand with your teams.

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