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How content writing is going to change your business strategies

by Ranvijay Singh

Content is king. You have definitely heard this quote many times. This quote “content is king” is originally from an essay Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote in 1996.

In the online world, content is a very important part. It is very important in every business and online marketing.

The success of every website and blog depends on quality content.

Everywhere and in every business, content is very much important.

And if I talk about content marketing, then it is the heart of most successful digital marketing campaigns.

You can improve brand reputation by building trust through content marketing.

Good content can help you to build trust with your leads and customers.

Great content is a very important part of building trust and establishing a positive brand reputation. Your content only can help you grow your audience and reach new leads.

Do you know?

68% of people spend time reading about brands that interest them. And 20% of internet users’ online time is spent on content.

Now I hope you have understood the importance of content writing.

Content is king, and it is very important for a business. That’s why the content writers are always in high demand all season.

And because of this, only many people think of becoming a content writer and a career as a content writer.

If you want to become a successful content writer, and want more information about content writing, see my guide on becoming a successful content writer.

Producing excellent content is a challenge for every business.

Continuously updating your website and blog with new content helps your business grow.

Right now, one question comes to my mind: have you created your blog for your business or not?

If you have not created yet, then create it now. If you are doing online business, then you should have your blog. Because

Having your blog is the best way to share your expertise and establish trust with a targeted audience, and this allows you to attract people and customers to your business.

Look at my guide on how to start writing a blog. This guide will get all information about the blog and how to start and do it.

For growing your business, you also need to find experienced content writers who are well-versed in your niche (industry), and they can write content for your blog or site. Therefore the content writing service is in demand.

Now, let’s dive into the main topic: How content writing is going to change your business strategies.

Right now, I am going to share with you some critical Content writing tips that can help improve your business strategies.

But before starting, let’s know some basic things about content writing.

The very first thing is What is content writing?

Content writing is an art of thinking, writing, and publishing content. It is done by using words. It includes your recommendations, suggestions, and warnings from the experience of a content writer.

In a simple way, content writing is a simple writing process about any topic (niche).

And in my way, content writing is just holding a pen in your hand and writing our thoughts and imagination in your own words.

Here are the tips and points that I am going to cover in this post:

  1. Creating powerful content is the biggest strategy itself.
  2. Improve content readability.
  3. Increase traffic to your site or blog for growing your business.
  4. Conclusion: how content writing is going to change your business strategies.

1. Creating powerful content is the biggest strategy itself.

Creating powerful content is the biggest strategy itself

1. Quotes and stats.

Adding quotes and stats or sayings of famous people can make your content look fabulous and very powerful.

Include quotations, facts, suggestions, as well as stats and quotations so that your content looks proper, awesome, and genuine. And the best thing about using this is that your audience will take it very seriously and believe in your words.

In simple terms, find awesome quotes and stats and use them in your content because they can make your content outstanding and worth reading.

2. Don’t create content just for the sake of it!

One of the biggest mistakes in marketing I have seen is to publish content for the sake of publishing content.

Producing content for content’s sake is not a good idea for attracting and converting potential customers.

Define goals and always create great content because it is created for a specific purpose, and this purpose needs to be defined.

Set a goal in your mind that will help you while writing content.

I am telling you not to create content forsake because writing content without a specific purpose can make your content very boring. Always remember your readers come on-site or blog to learn something, and you have to give what your readers want from you.

3. Write attractive titles.

The very important thing is to write attractive titles. It is more important than content. It is because the title grabs the attention of your readers. And I have seen many people that they first read the title, then only click and read more.

2. Improve content readability.

Improve Content readability

First, understand,

What is the content readability?

Content readability is the level of ease of understanding written words. Content readability is making your content clear and very easy to understand.

So how can you improve your content readability?

1. Use easy and short words.

If your words have more syllables, then they are very hard to read. Make it very easy; pick shorter words by suggesting synonyms.

2. Define strange and complex words.

If you are using complex or strange words, then you should define it properly and your duty to explain it and to help your readers

understand exactly what that word means.

Many people make this mistake; they don’t define the words. Always remember not everyone understands the complex words.

Or strange words. So if you are using it in your content, define it, or give a clue so they can understand the words.

3. Write short and simple sentences.

Short and simple sentences are easy to understand.

Long sentences will only create confusion and distract from important information and ideas.

Always remember simple is better.

4. Use keywords.

Use keywords in your content. You should know how to use keywords properly in the content.

I think first you should understand,

What are the keywords?

Keywords are the words that people type into search engines to find what they are looking for. It is also an idea and topics that define what your content is about.

If you want to write good content, it is better to learn how to use keywords.

3. Increase traffic to your site or blog for growing your business.

Increase traffic to your site or blog for growing your business

1. Update your blog or website.

While researching, I found that the more you update your blog, the more traffic it will receive. Google gives higher priority to websites or blogs with fresh content. If you want to get more attention and traffic from the search engines, update your blog at least two times a week.

2. Promote your content on social media.

Share your content on various social media networks, including Pinterest, which is one of the best sources of traffic, Facebook, which is one of the biggest social media platforms, Twitter, which is the most useful platform for increasing traffic.

Regularly share your articles on social media platforms.

3. Add images, videos, charts to create visually attractive content.

Visual elements are very important. If you want to make your content look awesome, then you should add images and videos.

We are human beings; our brain prefers visual elements. We human beings love to see colors and objects because aesthetics trigger emotional responses in our brains.

Images in your blog posts or your content grab the user’s attention and help them focus on not just the visual element (images, videos, charts) but also the text around it.

If your site looks beautiful, then traffic on your blog or site will grow very fastly.

To create and use your images only, you can not use other images that you can see on the internet because all the images on the internet are protected by copyright, and stealing copyrighted material can have serious consequences.

4. Optimize your site or blog’s speed to load your pages faster.

In this era, no one wants to wait for a site or blog to load. If your site is slow, then your readers will leave your site before it even loads. If you have written the well content, the readers will leave your site before it even loads.

It is one of the important ranking factors.

Your site should load very fast, so optimize it.

Final Conclusion on how content writing is going to change your business strategies.

Now you too must have agreed that Content is King.

 A good content writer knows how to convince customers to purchase your stuff through the power of words.

So you should hire a professional content writer to help you promote your product or service and boost your sales.

 Words are having a lot of power; they can easily change your business strategies.

So don’t underestimate the power of words or content writing.

I hope you have understood this post, and if you have any doubts or queries about this post, then comment below; I will help you.

And if you have any extra knowledge or ideas that I have not written in my post, you can share it with me by commenting below.

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1 comment

Ryan Biddulph December 3, 2020 - 10:01 am

Hi Ranvijay,

You make an excellent point about creating content not just for the sake of it. Be on purpose. Always. I keep in mind who I want to blog for, prior to creating any piece of content online. Be purposeful.



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