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Do You Fear Competition from Undercutters?

by Ryan Biddulph

Do you?


Any fear in your mind is best faced, felt and addressed because fear pulls you down the energy scale, into poverty and struggle and failure and quitting.

Why fear competition? We live in a Universe of abundance. Unlimited supply exists. Everything else is fear and an illusion and does not exist. I choose not to go against anyone because it allows me to work with and for other bloggers so we all help each other succeed.

I fear not competition because the competition cannot exist. No one can steal your business or take business away from you charging bargain-basement rates because their fear and life have nothing to do with you and your success in an abundant Universe. Imagine a person who fears poverty only wants to pay you $5 for your services when you charge $100. Do you fear this scenario? If so, you have to address this fear and release it to avoid being held hostage to these cheap, scared folks.

Fear exists only in your mind, regarding fears you see in others. Re-read that statement; this illusion of competition arises because fear in your mind colors other human beings as competition, someone you fear stealing your blogging success. Everything begins and ends in your mind, including the fear of competition, especially from undercutters who come in at bargain basement prices.

Revisit the cheapie scenario. Imagine if you maintain posture and release these bargain-basement folks from a calm, detached, generous energy. What happens? Those cheapie bloggers may find clients for a $5 price but suffer, struggle, fail and quit, attempting to build an online empire through $5 transactions. Like me, since you feel abundant and chose to release poverty conscious folks, you create a $350 online course to sell.

People begin buying the blogging course because your abundant, detached, trusting vibe makes it so. You release the folks to suffer in their fear-scarcity and simply move up in circles, profiting through your $350 blogging course, along with all your other income streams. See what happens when you release competition to make room for abundance and co-creation? You cannot go wrong if you go the right way.

Releasing competition and the fear of losing business to these folks frees you to co-create with successful, abundant bloggers. Co-creating through guest posting and featuring fellow bloggers expands your reach, increases your blog traffic, and allows you to make more money through your blog. But making the clear, definite choice to release competitive types trying to undercut you and other folks in your niche makes this process flow into action.

No one can force you to see your own fears of competition and undercutting. Only you can face, own, and feel these fears because successful blogging is a matter of emotional ownership, more than anything else. If you own your fears and move these energies along you can be free of the burden and proceed from a co-creative, networking energy that makes blogging easier.

Imagine 10 people retweeting your blog post every hour? Imagine how easy blogging feels if you stop complaining about blogging competition and just co-create with top bloggers? Blogging is a piece of cake once you feel and release deep fears because doing so lets you co-create to the top of your blogging niche. We can do so much together and we struggle to do anything of note when doing stuff solo, fearing and bemoaning cheapie blogging competition.


Do you need to release some aspect of your blogging campaign?

Or maybe you need to trash your entire blog?

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