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Do You Tell Stories through Your Blog?

by Ryan Biddulph

Stories sell quite nicely. But few bloggers seem to use stories. Even fewer use stories effectively.

Observe your average blog post. Most bloggers publish helpful content but solely practical tips themed posts grace their blog. All well and good. Sure you can succeed with this strategy. But weaving stories tends to inspire readers on a deeper level.

You and I connect with stories, starting from when our parents read us bedtime stories, goading us to fall asleep.

Do You Tell Stories through Your Blog

The human relationship with stories continues through reading novels, watching TV, going to the movies and now, enjoying streaming video online.

Check out my eBook:

10 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Living in Fiji (to Promote Your Blogging Success)

I wrote an eBook designed to help you succeed with your blog.

Through story-telling, I share 10 successful blogging lessons I learned via 10 personal experiences I had in exotic Fiji.

Some tales relax you; others scare you. I learned how to relax and take it easy from laid back Fijian friends, but I also dealt with deep fears during a blackout.

Blackouts in Savusavu are genuine blackouts.

Imagine a place with few street lights, as is. During a complete black out in this remote area, I could not see my hand in front of my face. Wow. I felt afraid. How do you get around without seeing a thing? I managed; I explain via the eBook story.

What About You?

Do you tell stories through your blog?

Third-person style posts work for becoming successful but weaving tales from your life makes a stronger emotional impact on readers.

Did you grow up reading 3rd person, practical tips, as a kid? Did mom and dad read 3rd person, practical tips, to put you to bed every night?

You read stories and your parents read you stories. Little kids love a good tale, either truth or fiction, although fiction usually wins the day.

Humans love stories. We use these vehicles to stoke your imagination, to entertain and to appeal to your creativity.

I watch 1 to 2 hours of Netflix or Hulu daily because I love following stories. I also read. I betcha you read and watch streaming videos, too.

People enjoy stories. Movies, novels and good old fashioned, fireside chats enthrall you. Always have, always will. Use this important technique to weave enticing narratives through your blog.

Stories and Blogging

Tell stories through your blog to form a deep connection with readers.

I sometimes list simple, practical tips, sans stories. But I like spicing things up with stories via my blog and eBooks because people remember stories. Folks may recall practical blogging tips. Folks WILL vividly remember carefully crafted stories guaranteed to tug at their emotional heartstrings.

Sure you recall a solid practical blogging tip I may share but when I link the tip to being attacked by wild men in Kathmandu, or to being chased by lady boys in Bangkok. I appeal to your imagination and you will remember both stories and blogging tips I share. I have yet to come across someone who heard my lady boy story and forget the trying tale. How could you?

Stories dig deeper and hit harder than most practical tips themed posts because tales tickle your emotions.

Hey Boy!

Think about it; a few years ago, 2 burly lady boys chased me through the streets of Bangkok, stalking me. One of them grabbed my arm. The other tried to snatch my wallet. I jogged away from them. Both eventually sprinted to catch up to me, yelling:

“Hey boy, come here!”

How easy is that to imagine?

Plus, this episode sounds funny. Being in this entertained, amused frame of mind, blogging tips I relate to the experience sear onto your mind.

But you need not have wild experiences in far off lands to make impacts with stories.

Stay at home moms can weave stories about day to day living while caring for children.

Dads working 9-5 jobs full time and blogging part-time can share experiences guaranteed to resonate with fellow blogging dads.

Stories make us realize we are more alike than we ever thought, finding commonality and familiarity through shared experiences.

Or, exotic tales can entertain while sharing the common human condition.

Any story can relate, can connect and yes, any story can sell. First, develop the skill of telling stories through your blog.

How to Relate

Make sure you stick to your blogging niche. Tell stories with a point geared toward solving readers problems.

Develop the fine skill of establishing analogies between your niche and the stories you share. I wrote an eBook on the Fiji blogging lessons learned during my stay in lovely Savusavu.

Locals took it easy; island living.

Some Fijians are so relaxed and laid back that they die after getting hit on the head by falling coconuts, sleeping under trees.

I learned how to adopt an easy-going, laid back vibe as I blogged to sustain myself for a long journey and to build success momentum daily.

Relate your story to your niche. Make an analogy.

Connect with readers on a deep, core level, to serve your audience and to accelerate your success.

Inject stories into your blog posts frequently. No need to weave an in-depth tale every blog post but at least toss in a few heart-felt stories from time to time.

Perhaps you share a positive experience from a reader, client or customer of your blog. Or maybe you weave a first person tale, relaying some obstacle you overcame to succeed.

Make sure you relate your story to your niche, then, tell ’em.

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