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How to Colorize historical photos

by Vishwajeet Kumar

Lack of advanced technology is the main reason why old photos were always in black and white. Colors give life to the photos. When the photos are only in white and black, they look unattractive and look unreal. Cameras were not that advance in the past. The main culprit of black and white photos is the film used for taking photos. The lack of color in photos can cause discomfort because one cannot see the essence of the photo. In the past, people used many techniques to solve this issue.

Initial picture colorizer techniques

Initial picture colorizer techniques

Black and white photography was never accepted as a good way of photography. Black and white photos were considered inferior quality photos. When the color photography was not invented, people used other ways to convert black and white photographs to colored ones. One of the most time taking methods was to paint the photographs. It was done by experienced artists. This was an extremely difficult process and results were not perfect. In the present time, artificial intelligence has revolutionized the image colorizing.

Image Colorizer – Free Online/Win/Mac tool to colorize pictures.

Image colorizer is a website based program that uses artificial intelligence to color the photographs.

How the image colorizing works

It uses a special technology called artificial intelligence. One can upload the black and white photos on this website to convert it to colorizer photo. The photo will go inside the software at the back end of the website. The software will detect the color based on the image and the black and white color gradient. After the image is identified, the artificially intelligent software will put colors in the photo.

How to use it

Using picture colorizer is a really easy task. We can divide the process into three main steps.

Step 1. Upload

In this process, you will have to select the photograph you want to upload on the image colorizer. When you open the website you will directly see the upload button on the main page. There is a restriction of image size as you cannot upload photos more than 4 Mb or 3000*3000 pixels. Once you click the upload button a new window will open and you can select the photo you want to upload. Double-clicking the required photo will complete this step.

How to use it

Step 2. Process

The process of converting black and white photos to the color photo is really easy. The website will not disturb you with complicated settings. Once you have uploaded the image, there will be two buttons present on the screen. You can either start the conversion by clicking the start or you can cancel the process by clicking the cancel. To complete this process, you will have to click the start button. You will see the download option appearing in front of the image immediately.

Process the image

Step 3. Download

At this step, you will be able to view the colorizer photo on the website. The image colorizer has already converted the black and white photo to the colored one and the colorizer photo preview is present on the screen. There is a download button in front of that colorizer photo preview. By clicking the download button the website will automatically send the image file to your computer or your android device.

Download the Image

Benefits of image colorizer

Picture colorizer is an amazing technology and there are a lot of benefits of using this tool to color your black and white images.

Benefits of Image colorizer

Ease of use

There is no other tool that colorizes the historical photos as imagecolorizing.com does. This is because the image colorizer will convert the black and white photos to the colored ones on a single click. It will not ask you to select complicated settings to give the best result.

Detailed results

Other tools will ask you to select many different options while image colorizer has a simple process. The image colorizer will allow you to convert and download the image in the same size and more detail. The result is more detail-oriented than that of other tools.

Protect privacy

Many online tools are available on the Internet that allows you to colorize the image freely but using their service can be a risk to your privacy. Imagecolorizer.com is an amazing tool because it has a perfect privacy policy. The image colorizer does not store your images as you can upload and download the Image at the same time. They will also protect your privacy by preventing search engines from listing your images on the Google images.

Quick result

These days efficiency is everything. People want their black and white images to be converted to colored images fast. Image colorizer will convert your black and white photos to color photos in less than a second. This is the quickest way of converting black and white photos to colored photos.

Photoshop vs image colorizer

There are a lot of aspects in which image colorizer takes a lead from Photoshop. Photoshop is a multi-purpose image editor. When it comes to complexity, Photoshop is complex. The image colorizer is simple and it is only designed to convert the black and white photos to colored photos. When you want to convert a black and white photo to colored through Photoshop, you will have to follow an extremely complicated process. First, you have to upload the image in the photoshop and you have to individually identify the colors of the parts of the photo. Photoshop cannot identify the color of the image on its own so you will have to help the photoshop about the color selection. Image colorizer is easy because you will only have to upload the image and click the start button. It selects the image colors based on artificial intelligence. This tool will also so make the image colorizing process simple.


Colorizing the black and white photos can put life in your historical photos. A lot of paid and complicated software are available in the market that can do this job. Image colorizer is the best free tool to convert black and white photos to colored ones. Due to simplicity and quality, the image colorizer process is better than using photoshop.

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