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What Do You Value with Your Blogging Campaign?

by Ryan Biddulph

What do you genuinely value with your blogging campaign?

Do you value the fun and freedom of building passive income streams? Or do you enjoy the different approach of working active income streams? Everything depends on what you value. But you need to decide what you value to find direction with your blogging campaign. Everything begins and ends with you.

I underwent a shift through a personal choice a while back; I decided to value the fun and freedom of building passive income channels through my blog because I felt a bit confined working active income streams like coaching, freelancing and the like. Everything felt stuffy to me. I tired of sitting around for set calls because blogging on a set schedule seemed not too freeing to me. Blogging and allowing passive income to flow to me via my eBooks, audio books, courses, paperbacks and affiliate channels felt more fun, freeing and liberating for a guy who circles the globe.

Making this sift influenced me to begin my current guest posting and blogging campaign of sharing value and promoting my passive income channels. I had to choose to make the shift in order to change my values and to change my life. You will need to do the same in order to become fully aligned with everything you value. Everything hinges on you, your choices and what you most value.

Make sure you value what YOU value. Some bloggers feel completely unclear on their values and just do what pro bloggers tell them to do. This is a no-no because living according to someone else’s values or life leads to confusion, unhappiness and confinement. Perhaps you genuinely want to taste the fun, freeing life of building a blog on passive income channels but some pro blogger values freelancing and advises readers to dive into freelancing. Think for yourself. Think about what you value. Pros may advise you to coach but do YOU value coaching, working on a set schedule and active income, or do you value passive income streams, working when you want to work and the freedom of living with a 100% passive income model generating your blogging income?

Everything proceeds according to what you value but you need to make decisions as to what you value in order to engineer that type of life.

People will give you what you give people. Valuing freedom may mean choosing to:

  • set up a 100% passive income model through your blog
  • completely minimizing interactions through social media
  • leveraging the living stuffing out of your blog by guest posting and building your friend network daily

Making these choices feels uncomfortable if you:

  • worked a 100% active income model through your blog
  • spent hours daily engaging people through social media
  • avoided guest posting and networking

because changing values means facing fears. Letting go active income triggers anxieties, worries and doubts about your ability to earn passive income. Welcome to being free. Welcome to taking control of your life. Blogging does get easier and easier if you live being fully aligned with your values. Blogging only gets tougher if you live out of alignment with what you most value. Everything is based on your decision.

Value freedom and fun over all else. Allow ideas supporting your version of freedom and fun to flow to you, for your blogging campaign.

Live your life according to your values.


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