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How to Get the Energy to Blog

by Ryan Biddulph

Have you seen my eBook yet?

Law of Attraction Series: 5 Tips to Raise Your Level of Vibration

gives you a guide for raising your vibe. At its core, you never get the energy to blog because you are energy. Energy is you. Your job is to raise your energy-being to where you BE the person who blogs generously and successfully for a sustained period of time. I wrote the eBook to share my tips for raising your vibe to a relaxed, peaceful, stable, in the flow vibe. Being in flow allows you to do things most bloggers cannot grasp, like, me publishing 6 posts and 3 guest posts daily, or more.

Between videos, podcasts, and articles, I churn out content because I raise my vibe and I raise my vibe to a stable, relaxed level of flow by doing these things.

Note; raising your vibe does not mean sprinting around from an excited, chaotic, frenzied energy. Think more like monk, less like money, to understand how raising your vibe makes you peaceful, calm, relaxed and serene in all you do online.

Manage Your Energy

I wrapped up my evening walk 20 minutes ago. After 20 minutes of meditation in a few moments, I will have completed my 3 hours and 40 minutes of energy management daily between yin yoga, Kriya yoga, meditating and power walking. I spend 90 minutes power walking, 90 minutes doing yin and Kriya yoga and 40 minutes meditating daily to expand my awareness, to face fear and to raise my core energy to a stable, prospering, relaxed, generous, abundant vibe.

Find what works for you; 20 to 40 minutes of prayer, meditating, yoga, or EFT tapping may float your boat. But do follow an energy management ritual to prosper through your blog and to tap into unlimited energy for successful blogging.

Do What You Love

Most bloggers feel sapped of energy because most bloggers blog mainly to get money, versus following their passion. Passionate bloggers feel energized because love fuels you forever, being an unlimited power source.

Chasing money saps you because money is ultimately an illusion, and basing your blogging campaign on illusion robs you of your energy, because an illusion is not real, sustaining or true. Blog your love. You never need an energy boost if you have a genuine love for both blogging and your niche of choice.

Get Enough Sleep

No blogger burns the candle at both ends. One secret to my prolific, energized nature is getting 8-9 hours of sleep nightly. Nobody can get the job done by being sleep deprived because even if you manage your energy and follow your passion your body will break down in a horrible way unless you get ample sleep.

Rest well. Set up a sleep routine. Hit the sack around the same time each night to find a set sleeping pattern that works for you. My sweet spot is between 11 PM and midnight. I stay in bed until between 8 AM and 9 AM, even if I wake at an odd hour. Why? Setting a precedent to lay in bed for 8-9 hours each evening gradually conditions you to get 8-9 hours of sleep on most nights.

Make Zero Excuses

Excuses sap you of your energy. Do not make excuses. I care not if you work full time and raise a family too. Do your readers keep this in mind if you complain about having no energy to blog and do not publish a post for 3 months? Nope.

Your readers stop visiting your blog and begin following my blog more closely, enjoying my 5-6 blog posts daily. Nobody cares about your excuses. People only care if you get the job done and publish content. Make zero excuses to maintain a stable, generous, abundant blogging vibe and to be energized for your blogging journey.

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1 comment

John Ravi May 13, 2022 - 4:48 pm

Hi Ryan,

Thanks a lot for this share! For the past few months I have been struggling with this. I had no energy to blog, and I am so glad that you shared this article. All the tips and methods you shared in the Thai post look great, and I am really looking forward to giving them a try. I think I will be able to find some energy with your tips and get back to my blog. I really appreciate this post, and you taking the time to share it .


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