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What Blogging Platform Should I Use?

by Ryan Biddulph

Wordspress dot org is the best platform I know of for many reasons.

Do what works for you. But as a pro blogger with 10 years of experience, WordPress dot org is light years ahead of all other platforms for a wide range of reasons.


WordPress dot org allows you to own your blog. How it works: buy your domain and hosting, then begin your blog. Simple. But ownership is far beyond simple. Owning your blog, blog content, business and brand seem to be the only way to blog. Blogging on free platforms is online madness. Blogging on free platforms means you are part of the product, NOT the blog owner. Free platform owners shut down blogs for any reason at any time. Imagine blogging for 10 years to wake up to losing all of your blogging work from the past decade?

Avoid this nightmare. Buy your domain and hosting. Blog on WordPress dot org. Own your blog, content, brand and business.

Support Community

Dot org boasts a massive, loyal, knowledgeable support community. Users on this platform get help quickly, easily and seamlessly because thousands upon thousands of fellow dot org users wait in the cyber weeds, being around to answer your questions.

Other blogging platforms do not possess such huge, loyal, knowledgeable user networks. Getting help becomes a total pain in the tuckus, leading to nightmares any time stuff goes wrong with your blog. Trust me; stuff will go wrong. Do yourself a favor. Start blogging on WordPress.org to access skilled, tight-knit support groups, to solve your blogging problems fast.

Monetizing Potential

Nothing comes close to dot org monetizing-wise because no genuine limits to profit opportunities exist on the platform. Free platforms grossly restrict income channels. Other self-hosted options offer some monetizing potential but WordPress.org makes it easy to make money online through unlimited income channels.

Coaching, consulting, affiliate marketing, freelancing, writing and self-publishing eBooks and creating courses are an iota of what’s possible on dot org, as far as monetizing actions. Boost your monetizing potential through the roof on this platform.

Do you need ideas for making money through your blog? Buy my eBook:

15 Ways to Make Money Blogging


From themes to plug-ins, WordPress.org gives you the max customizing potential for your brand, business, and fulfillment. I enjoy blogging because no other blogger in the world mimics my one of a kind Blogging From Paradise theme. Standing out from the crowd makes it easier for you to succeed. Dot org makes it easy peasy for you to customize your site, in order to stand out from the blogging crowd.

Other platforms come up short in the customizing department. Severe restrictions make it impossible to stand out on free platforms like Blogger or WordPress.com.

Thinks to Keep in Mind

WordPress dot org blogs are premium blogs. Expect to invest $10 or more per month on hosting and $17 or more on your domain for the year. Each investment pales in comparison to the benefits one receives blogging on the platform. Plus, building a thriving blogging business involves investing money in the business to do it right.

WordPress dot org blogs require ample amounts of study, work and energy commitment because mastering dot org requires a steeper learning and working curve. Again; anything worth doing involves deeper study, work and a greater time commitment.

No joke; learning and working dot org gets easier if you commit 100% to work the platform. Eventually, you will become a pro because taking simple but sometimes uncomfortable blogging steps for years leads to your intimate mastery of the platform.

Do you want to become a pro blogger?

Invest in your domain and hosting to begin blogging on WordPress.org today.


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Rijhu Sinha August 20, 2020 - 1:45 pm

Hey Ryan,

Rijhu this side. Thanks for sharing this post.

You have explained this very clearly and easily making the concept more clear. This article is definitely a big guide to all the newbie bloggers who don’t have such indepth knowledge about all these. Thanks for explaining everything about the WordPress dot org blogging platform and making all the points very clear. Keep sharing.

Thanks and Regards.

Ryan Biddulph August 21, 2020 - 8:53 am

RS, thanks much as always buddy. Dot org or nothing for me 🙂


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