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How Many People Do You Need Reading Your Content to Succeed with Blogging?

by Ryan Biddulph

The number of people who read your content does not matter compared to how targeted every single human being who reads your blog is because highly targeted readers help you go pro.  The numbers are just numbers. People not interested in your blog should never be your goal.

Imagine if you drive 10,000 non-targeted, disinterested people to your blog daily by changing topics with the wind, executing a poorly thought out an ad campaign, and by guest posting on blogs from 20 different niches. Does it matter if 10,000 people who do not care about your blog visit your blog? Nope. 10,000 disinterested people visit, take a look around, and leave. 

How Many People Do You Need Reading Your Content to Succeed with Blogging

None of those 10,000 blase folks buy your stuff, hire you, promote you or endorse you. So naturally, do not ask a question about how many people you need to visit your blog to become successful. Do ask how you can hyper target your readers to go pro.

So….how do you do this?

Stay on 1 Topic

Blog on 1 topic to develop expertise in one niche. Build your authority by becoming a specialist, not a generalist. Specialists drive targeted readers to their blogs. Targeted readers expect bloggers to cover a single topic. Staying on topic is a simple, easy way to drive interested readers to your blog. Stay on topic. Never stray off course.

Guest Post on Blogs Aligned with Your Niche

Guest post on blogs from your niche. Attract targeted readers to your blog through the power of leveraging.

Build bonds with top bloggers in your niche. Promote them. Endorse these folks through social media and promote them through your blog, too. Help pros in your niche. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Pay your dues. Earn the trust of these pros. Over time, pros invite you to guest post on their blogs.

Gobble up these opportunities. Publish your best work. But be sure to stay on topic by guest posting only on blogs from your niche. Target. Stop playing the numbers game. Become a professional blogger by blogging intelligently.

Let Go the Urge to Chase Numbers

This may be the most important tip because fear goads bloggers to bail on targeting and to focus heavily on trying to get as many people as possible to follow their blogs. People lose their way by chasing numbers on a screen. Calculations begin. Bloggers ask pros how many followers it takes to make X amount of money. The number obsession grows into something ridiculous because you try to get more folks to read your blog without giving any thought as to if the people want to read your blog, hire you and buy your stuff.

Beware the dreaded numbers game. Stop trying to be a popular blogger. Target your ideal reader. Do all you do blogging wise to connect with that reader, to serve them, and to bond with them.


There is no set number of readers required to read your content in order to succeed because clients, customers and brand advocates make the difference, not some number of disinterested readers.

Do you want to know the cool aspect of targeting your blogging campaign? More targeted readers continue to flow to your blog if you focus on attracting interested readers. Naturally, you make more money and drive more traffic as targeted readers promote your blog to like-minded readers, your loyal fans spreading the word for you.


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Kaushlendra Baghel September 2, 2020 - 7:51 pm

Thank you, Ryan Biddulph
This one of my questions of enquery and I got that answer.
This gonna help many people.

Ryan Biddulph September 3, 2020 - 2:59 am

Kaushlendra so happy to help brother 🙂 Thanks for reading buddy.

Somraj Mondal September 3, 2020 - 10:06 pm

Thank You Ryan and Kumar.. For this wonderful answer. It is very helpful for most of the beginner


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