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Do You Make It Easy for People to Read Your Blog Content Fast?

by Ryan Biddulph

This is a guest post written by Ryan Biddulph Where he shares how to make people to Read Your Blog Content

As strange as it sounds, some bloggers prevent readers from reading their blogs. Bloggers want people to read their blogs but slow down the reading process by adding 2 or 3 pop-ups, ads, or multiple distractions that prevent people from reading their blogs immediately, easily, and seamlessly.

I observed this a few moments ago after Googling a website to search for a hiking spot here in the forests of New York State, in the USA. One blog post looked promising but on clicking through, a slow, 4-second time-delayed pop-up greeted me. As I waited 4 seconds for the pop-up to fully appear I just lost 4 seconds of reading time.

Do You Make It Easy for People to Read Your Blog Content

But that was not all. A slider crawled across the bottom of the page after I waited 4 seconds for the pop up to appear, for me to X out. So the slide crawls across the page for 2 seconds. 6 seconds expired since I visited the blog. The blogger prevented me from reading the blog for 6 seconds.

Topping things off, a 3rd pop up appeared as I scrolled down to the blog post. I wish I were kidding. But the blogger, after 6 seconds, still prevented me from reading their blog content for another 2 seconds because the 3rd pop-up ate up 2 seconds of my time.

Did I believe the blogger would prevent me from reading their blog content for a total of 8 seconds after I clicked a promising link from Google? Nope. What did I do the moment I closed out the 3rd pop-up? I closed the blog. I exited the browser because I lost patience with the blogger.

I simply wanted to read a blog post promised to me via Google. But the blogger who ran the blog did not want me to read the blog post because he or she prevented me from reading the blog post for 8 seconds after my initial visit.

Traffic lost. Reader lost. Potential business lost, too. All because some blogger prevented me from reading their blog content.

I invite people to read my blog content immediately because I want my readers to enjoy my content, to use my content to improve their lives, to buy my eBooks, to buy my courses, and to share my blog posts on social media, through their blogs and through niche-specific forums.

One quick visit to Blogging From Paradise indicates I use no pop-ups, sliders, or other forms of interruption marketing. Readers click a blog post title linking to my blog and get to read my blog post content in a split second. I do not prevent people from reading my blog at all.

The way I see it, I am a blogger. Bloggers want to invite people to read their blog content in a split second. No barriers. No interruptions. Bloggers have the right to build their email list by using one pop-up form but anything more interrupts bloggers from reading your content.

People may wait around if you prevent them from reading your content for 2 seconds, via one pop-up. Some even sign up for your list via the pop-up. But adding more than 1 pop-up or slider is online madness because preventing readers from reading your content for a sustained period of time – 5 seconds is infinity, in the online world – guarantees readers exit your blog and never return….like my experience from earlier today.

Invite people to read your blog content. Save using one pop-up – if this feels good to you – just make sure readers click your link and read your content in a split second, to position yourself to succeed online.


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1 comment

Rijhu Sinha August 27, 2020 - 11:56 am

Hello Ryan,

Excellent post. Yes and very true Ryan, numbers of pop form, sliders and other interrupting forms are very annoying and breaks your concentration as well as leaves you lost.

These things really matters a lot and you have to consider these thing as it effects your traffic as well as readers will too exit and start avoiding visiting that site. Nobody wants interruptions and barriers as all these leaves your readers irritated. It somewhere also effects your business.

Thanks for throwing light on this important matter and making us aware. Thanks again and keep sharing your valuable experiences.

Thanks & Regards,


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