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Do You Ask the Right Blogging Questions for a New Blogger?

by Ryan Biddulph

This post is written by Ryan Biddulph where he tell you about the right blogging questions asked by a newbie Bloggers.

What blogging plug-ins should you use?

What premium theme should you purchase?

How long does it take to make money blogging?

Each question is a common newbie query. But none seem to be the right questions to ask for beginner bloggers because none put you on the straight and narrow toward blogging success.

Plug-ins play a tiny role in going pro. What you use and do not use has little effect on your blogging campaign because plug-ins introduce minor functionality and not much else.

Premium themes also play a minor role in going pro. How your blog appears to readers does influence readers to a slight degree but how your blog looks pales in comparison to the help you offer through your blog.

Do You Ask the Right Blogging Questions for a New Blogger

As for the money question, asking how long it takes to make money blogging suggests your mind is in the wrong place. Blogging is not a job. No one pays you checks at specific times. Blogging is a business. Imagine opening a corner store.

Do you want to know how long it takes for the corner store to turn a profit before doing any research or investing money in products? Every blogger has the right to ask the question but wondering about income potential before doing anything else nudges you in the wrong direction. Prospering bloggers focus heavily on the blogging process and little on blogging outcomes.

Right Questions

What does it take to become a professional blogger?

What is the best blogging platform for going pro?

What bloggers should I follow for the best blogging advice?

How can I improve my blogging skills?

What skills go in to becoming a professional blogger?

Note how each question draws you toward becoming a successful professional blogger. Asking what it takes literally lays out practical steps for becoming a pro blogger. Probing into practical strategies, financial investments and overall energy expenditure shows you are serious about going pro. The quality of your blogging career follows the quality of your blogging questions. Any query about what it takes to be a pro indicates a quality question.

As for platforms, asking for the right one shows you are serious about starting to blog the right way. Newbies often ask about the cheapest platform or what free platforms to use. Immediately, both questions flash serious red flags. Do you want to spend no money or do you want to begin blogging the right way on the right platform? Get clear on your intent or you will ask the wrong blogging questions.

Asking for the right mentors to lead you successfully gives you clarity. Clear bloggers avoid succumbing to information overload or to getting bad advice. I wrote an eBook detailing 10 lessons from successful bloggers to give newbies lessons executed by top blogging pros. Go right to the top. Ask the pros for advice. Follow the best bloggers. Get the best advice to position yourself to succeed.

Asking about how to improve your blogging skills puts you in the right newbie frame of mind because you intend to practice – then follow up with practice – which sets the table for a successful blogging campaign. People hungry to improve in any field run light years ahead of everybody else.

Digging into the specific pro blogging skills to develop seems to be a highly advanced question because I rarely observe new bloggers asking about blogging being a skill, let alone asking what skills you need to round out your blogging skill set.


Ask the right questions to begin blogging effectively. Lay the foundation for a professional blogging campaign by avoiding the wrong questions and by asking the right questions leading you toward greater online success.

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1 comment

Rijhu Sinha August 26, 2020 - 12:09 pm

Hey Ryan,

Rijhu this side. I really would like to say heartful “Thank you” for your awesome posts and especially the way you put that. Simply Awesome.

Thanks Ryan for sharing this important and informative posts as right direction is very important for newbie bloggers. They don’t have such an in-depth idea and may get confused sometimes from where to and how to start and what are the important strategies to follow to become a successful blogger.

All the various questions you shared are really very useful and important to consider to become a successful professional blogger. Personally I follow you and Lisa for the best blogging advice as every time I came to you learn something very important and useful. Many thanks and keep writing.



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