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Instead of Complaining About Bargain Bloggers How About Doing This?

by Ryan Biddulph

I dramatically cut downtime spent in email starting about one month ago. I also stopped complaining about bargain bloggers too. You know who I mean; bloggers complaining about being on a budget the moment you email ad rates for your blog. Some bloggers have no budget. Other bloggers want you to place their guest posts for free. Others offer retweets in exchange for placing a guest post on your blog.

Why complain about these bartering, bargaining, budgeting bloggers? Just do this…..

Publish an ad services page on which you list all pricing and service rendered with a clear message: reply ONLY if you agree to work at rates quoted because all other replies will be marked as spam.

Instead of Complaining About Bargain Bloggers How About Doing This

I found it amazing how fast bloggers and brokers shut up and stopped replying to me, complaining about being on a budget or having no money, the split second I warned how I’d label all non-agreeing emails as spam. A few fools either did not read the page or read the page and thought I was joking, replying with budget complaints or bartering emails. I immediately marked their emails as spam after scanning 3 words. I believe someone set up a new email address after I labeled their old email as spam. Guess what I did? I marked their new email as spam too. I am not kidding. Please take me at my word. Trust me. I follow through.

I have no time, energy and focus to work with people who complain about money. I have all the time and energy in the world for people who pay my rates without questioning my rates. Do you want to work with me? Pay my rates. Immediately. Do not hesitate.

This strategy works wonders because most bargaining, budget bloggers fear finding spam folders more than they fear losing money. Some folks fear losing money more than finding spam but these lost blogging souls are rare birds, being a select few who actually reply after your fair spam warning. Simply spam their emails and move forward, saving yourself minutes, then hours collectively, of email inbox time.

Bloggers and brokers know building business from the spam folder is impossible. Message felt, loud and clear. All of those lame bartering emails disappear, saving precious time and energy you can devote to writing guest posts like these.

Blogging gets easier if you make clear decisions to ignore the fear in bloggers and to focus on love in bloggers. Spamming bartering emails ignore fear, saves time, and promotes your peace of mind, allowing you to devote your attention and energy to folks who deeply enjoy what you do.

Do not complain about bartering bloggers because it is YOUR fault if you choose to engage with these folks or if you choose to let them bother you. I used to whine and moan about bloggers demanding I publish their sponsored posts for $5 until I warned these cheapies I’d spam all of their emails going forward unless they chose to work with me at my rates. My complaints ended because our interactions largely ended. The select foolish few simply found my spam folder after a quick label on my part, saving my time, energy, and peace of mind, fast.


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