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How Clear Are You on Your Blogging Style?

by Ryan Biddulph

I have written all types of blog posts over the past 12 years.

Sometimes I go long form. Usually I go short and punchy. But I feel clear on my predominant blogging style: I have most fun delving into blogging mindset tips. The world responds best to my blogging mindset tips. How many bloggers edge into mindset? Not many. Bloggers do a fine job sharing powerful, practical blogging tips. But why do bloggers succeed even though almost all bloggers have easy access to proven, practical blogging tips? Few bloggers have the proper mindset to put proven tips into practice generously for 1000’s upon 1000’s of blogging hours.

I share blogging mindset tips mainly because you and I have all the practical blogging tips we could ever need. But few bloggers have access to posts like mine because few bloggers write such posts. No worries! I got ya covered. But I feel clear on writing mindset themed posts in a world of bloggers who publish traffic driving and profits driving tips. Most bloggers feel uncomfortable deviating from the herd. Humans tend to think, feel,

and act like sheep or other herd animals. Look around. Observe your blogging neighbor blogging about 10 tips to increase blog traffic. Do what they do. Copy them.

Hey; traffic driving and profits increasing blog posts will always be popular. I do not discourage you from covering popular topics. I do encourage you to find YOUR authentic blogging style, to honor your intuition and to get clear on publishing posts according to your inner pull.

Getting clear basically means feeling clear, confident and trusting enough that you publish posts in full alignment with your intuition. Beware; your intuition often tells you to do things differently than most bloggers. I do not build a list actively. Nor do I optimize blog posts for Google. Why? My intuition told me NOT to do either popular thing because I am not here to do either. I am here to spend all of my blogging time and energy exploring blogging mindset tips through my blog, through guest blogging and through creating videos.

I am here to network generously. I am here to engage in a genuine blog commenting campaign. I feel clear on these blogging duties even though few bloggers take my blogging path. Getting clear means stepping far away from the herd even if doing so feels scary. Before success begins to flow to you it feels comfortable to quit on your intuition, to mimic top bloggers and to do what most bloggers do. But if you get clear on YOUR genuine blogging path – even though doing so feels scary – you can carve a path quite unlike any blogger on earth.

Follow fundamentals. Create content. Build strong bonds with readers and fellow bloggers. Monetize through multiple income streams. See the journey through. Be patient. But trust your gut. Logic tells you to copy pros but your intuition demands you add a personal twist to your work. Perhaps you begin guest posting on a strong hunch. Or maybe you abandon list building to engage in a genuine blog commenting campaign. I cannot tell you what to do because only your intuition knows your one of a kind blogging path.

Get clear on that path. Be confident about your blogging journey. Trust yourself. Trust your blogging path. Every blogger walks a different path. Top bloggers step away from the herd because top pros get clear on stepping away from the herd. No one succeeds by purely mimicking top pros because readers follow top blogging pros, not fakers, copycats, and other scheisters trying to ride the coattails of successful bloggers.

Blog your path. Get clear on your blogging journey, even if it appears to be nothing like the journey of most pro bloggers.


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Lisa Sicard December 19, 2020 - 3:40 pm

Ryan, I love your style and that you don’t follow every blogging rule out there. You would be so bored out of your mind I think if you did. Just being genuine is what I believe it’s all about.
And I am still amazed at how much content you can turn out and the stories included with them. That takes a lot of energy!

Ryan Biddulph December 21, 2020 - 11:00 am

Lisa thanks as always my friend 🙂 I am trying, I am trying 🙂


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