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Do You Stay on Topic?

by Ryan Biddulph

One underrated aspect of staying on topic escapes most bloggers; developing your expertise.

Experts simply stay on topic for years to develop THE name in their niche. Blogging authorities rarely do anything spectacular but pros do something rare; professional bloggers cover a topic so persistently and consistently over the years that they cannot help but be seen as one of the experts in the niche.

Do You Stay on Topic

I nailed down a few interviews today. Text deals. I attracted both because I built my name in my niche. Folks seek me out to pick my blogging brain. Why? I covered the blogging tips niche almost exclusively over the years. Nothing I do seems to be flashy. I keep things simple. None of my blogging advice wows you. No eye-popping content here. But my persistence in staying on the topic seems to be superhuman to most bloggers because the masses have a tough time staying on topic for weeks, let alone, years.

Even better? Publishing a few travel posts here and there over the past 6 years building my name in the digital nomad niche. Forbes, Fox News, and Entrepreneur featured me as a world-renowned digital nomad authority. Why? Even though I rarely publish travel posts, publishing a few posts here and there over the past 6 years allowed me to carve out my name in the digital nomad niche. Do not try to publish 5 blog posts a day for 6-12 months. Aim to publish daily for the next 5-10 years. Think distance, versus intensity. Think long term versus flash in the pan. But do stay on topic or else you risk confusing and losing readers.

Changing topics with the wind confuses readers who expected the prior post topic. Imagine covering blogging tips today. Readers flock to your blog to enjoy your blogging tips post. Tomorrow, you publish a pet care post. But all readers wanted blogging tips. What happened? Confused, readers expecting blogging tips but getting pet care tips stop reading your blog. Maybe a few pet care fans read and enjoy your pet care post. But after you publish a relationship post tomorrow, all pet care readers head for the hills.

Stay on topic for a long time to develop authority by helping a targeted tribe persistently. I publish blogging tips posts on Blogging From Paradise. Been doing so for 6 years. My tribe expects blogging tips. My community became a loyal, targeted, loving tribe hungry for blogging tips. Plus, my blogging tips name grew in the blog-o-sphere because I covered this topic for 6 years. Stick with something long enough and you eventually outlast virtually everyone in your niche.

Cover topics from different angles. Think through your niche. Be creative but no need to be spectacular. Simply solve problems in one niche post after post. Readers expect that you will cover a single niche. Covering that niche draws return readers to your blog. Return readers become a large, loyal, supportive tribe if you publish content frequently over years.

Never allow fear to call the blog posting shots. Some bloggers fear not covering enough topics. This fear manifests as being a generalist, not a specialist, edging into too many areas, not at all related. Note how Vishwajeet sticks to the technical aspects of blogging. Even if he pops around on a few different subjects he developed his expertise by covering the technical aspects of blogging over the years. He stuck to this topic, generously helped people, and established his authority in an in-demand niche through the power of persistence and specializing.

Do one thing so well for so long that readers turn to you as the go-to guy or gal in that blogging niche.


Staying on topic to develop your authority is one way to be a more prospering blogger.

Do you want more tips to succeed?

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