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1 Common Stumbling Block for New Bloggers

by Ryan Biddulph

New bloggers often learn from pro bloggers that dominating Google is the only way to become super successful.

New bloggers often learn from pro bloggers that driving some Google traffic is the only way to become successful.

Neither statement is true. Driving Google traffic can and does lead to a professional blogging career. Feel free to SEO optimize blog posts. Go for it. But do not create the common new blogger stumbling block of believing that Google traffic is the ONLY way to become a successful blogger. This idea is not true. Bloggers become successful bloggers by generously creating content, connecting with pro bloggers, and monetizing their blogs for many years.

Create. Connect. Monetize. For a long time. Prosper. Go pro.

Of course, bloggers can follow each step to drive search engine traffic too. But bloggers can follow these steps to go pro without driving 1 visitor from Google because gaining:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility

is the direct way to become a pro blogger. Skilled bloggers with massive exposure and rock solid credibility go pro. Creating and connecting for a long time allows you to engineer a built-in audience. Having a built-in audience ensures you do not need Google traffic to become successful. Why do you need visitors from Google if visitors find your blog through your:

  • writing skills?
  • blogger buddy network?
  • expanded online presence?

Stop tripping over yourself to get Google traffic because you believe Google traffic is the only way to become successful. Billions of ways exist to become successful online. I enjoy guest posting, genuine blog commenting, publishing content to my blog and promoting other bloggers freely while I promote my multiple income streams. I do things quite differently than most bloggers who reply heavily on list building and Google traffic. Neither strategy vibed with me. I let go each to be the blogger I am working my favorite blogging strategies.

Do not try to frame blogging success through a pinhole. Bloggers succeed through all types of strategies. Do you feel heaviness trying to drive Google traffic? Stop forcing success through Google. Begin guest posting. Publish helpful content to your blog. Consider video marketing. Perhaps broadcasting live feels good to you. Follow your passion. Pursue your fun. Enjoy the ride. Doing what you love to do is the direct, simple way to succeed. But you need to do simple things for a long time to become successful.

Surround yourself with free-thinking bloggers. My blogging buddies use all types of strategies to succeed but my friends are super flexible in approaching blogging. Observing their flexibility influenced me to be the flexible blogger I am today.

Do not pigeon hole yourself in only trying to get traffic from Google. Get traffic from me! Befriend me. Help people out. Tweet some of my blog posts. Buy one of my eBooks or two. Bond with me. As our bond grows stronger and if your blogging skills are up to snuff, I will likely promote you, endorse you and drive traffic to your blog through my tweets and Facebook Shares. Me and 100 other blogging buddies can drive a steady flow of targeted traffic to your blog but only if you detach some from Google traffic and decide to generously create and connect for a sustained period of time.

Does list building feel fun to you? Take that route. Build a highly targeted email list to accelerate your blogging success through your preferred strategy. We all have different talents, different joys, different passions and different strategies we vibe with. Honor yours. Stop viewing the blogging world solely through the prism of Google.


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1 comment

Rob Dyer December 15, 2020 - 8:16 pm

Very wise words Ryan!

Google seems to dominate blogger’s minds, when it should simply be one factor among many that determine the success or otherwise of anyone’s blogging endeavours.

Think about this: if nobody published anything Google would be out of a job!


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