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Top 9 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be on Instagram

by Vishwajeet Kumar

Nowadays, a huge part of the world’s population uses social media to connect with friends and do online shopping. So, brands regularly market their products and services on social media to reach a wider audience. Instagram is one such website that holds a lot of potential for startups.

You can subscribe to high-speed Internet services like Spectrum Internet package to effectively market your brand on Instagram. This will significantly improve the conversion rate and make your brand more popular.  Meanwhile, you may want to check a few amazing benefits of Instagram marketing below:

Top 9 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be on Instagram

It Is Highly Popular

After Facebook, this platform is probably the most popular among the various social media apps users. So, having a strong Instagram presence can help your brand a lot. If you come up with creative content every day, your brand’s popularity will significantly increase.

As compared to this, if you’ll only rely on your website and Facebook page, you’ll miss out on a lot of followers. So, having an Instagram account for your brand is a smart choice.

Better Access to Customers

 Facebook has a huge number of users. But Instagram users are generally more active in terms of sharing and shopping. So, if your strategies are effective enough, you can achieve target sales easily. Even if your brand is fairly new, you can use hashtags to improve its presence.

Once a person visits your business profile and makes a purchase, he/she will inform his/her friends and family as well. In this way, your brand recognition will increase. And you’ll be able to reach a higher number of customers.

Stronger Customer Profile Building

Instagram uses very effective tools to enable you to reach the target audience. If you have a specific customer profile in mind, Instagram can utilize its analytics to target only those customers. It can also track a person’s activity on other platforms to show him/her personalized ads.

So, if you don’t have an Instagram account, you’ll miss out on a lot of followers and potential buyers. So, it is an excellent tool for you to build customers’ profiles.

Emphasis on Visual Content

Instagram is the only popular platform that is solely based on photos and videos. Audio-visual content generally has a higher engagement rate than written content. So, you can post unique and engaging content every day to attract an audience.

You can also various brand campaigns. You can also ask your customers to share their reviews through pictures. In this way, the brand-related content will increase.

Higher Audience Engagement Rate

Instagram offers you a unique opportunity to engage with your audience. You can directly respond to customer’s queries and comments. In this way, the audience will feel more valuable and engaged. So, Instagram is an excellent platform to engage and retain customers.

You can also hire bloggers and influencers for your brand. They can use this platform creatively to market your products and services. In this way, you can cut costs and improve the conversion rate for your brand.

More Sales

A lot of Instagrammers use it to shop for their favorite products. So, if you develop a great account on this platform, then you can easily drive up sales. Make sure that the pictures are of high-quality. Write a unique and short description beneath every picture. This can help your posts achieve a greater number of likes. This, in turn, will increase brand visibility and the number of sales.

Ads in Stories

Instagram has several unique features that allow you to advertise your products easily. One of these features is the ads in stories. Instagram can show your audience personalized ads in stories. In this way through increased brand visibility, your sales will also rise. You also won’t have to spend a hefty sum to enjoy this feature. And after the conversion rate will go up, the costs of spending on marketing will definitely decrease.

Easy Access to Competitor’s Strategies

Through Instagram, you can easily search your competitors. You can go through their posts and know about their strategies. In this way, you can come up with better strategies to attract a wider audience. You’ll also learn to come across new ideas for your brand through this research. That’ll enable you to develop a better brand image.

Consumer-Submitted Content

Instagram is a very attractive platform to utilize consumer-submitted content. Your existing customers can share reviews about your products. So, your potential customers will trust them more. So, ask your customers to create engaging content for the audience. You can offer them discounts and giveaways in return. In this way, your brand rapport can improve significantly.

To reap all these amazing benefits, make sure that you have a reliable Internet subscription. Subscribing to Spectrum services enabled me to easily manage Spectrum TV and internet bill pay by online app and run Instagram campaigns. Therefore, a reliable and uninterrupted connection is crucial to achieving your brand-related goals on Instagram.

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