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Do You Want More Blog Readers or Highly Targeted Readers?

by Ryan Biddulph

Guilty as charged.

I aimed for more blog readers. For a long time. My problem; I have 120 plus eBooks, a few courses and ample audio books and paperbacks to promote. Publishing content sufficient to give these premium offers exposure seemed daunting. I have been successful enough reaching more readers through the high volume of content I publish. I did publish most content on blogging tips themed blogs to target my campaign.

Do You Want More Blog Readers or Highly Targeted Readers

But I spent a little too much time intending to reach more readers versus giving 100% of my blogging time to reach targeted readers. Fear does that. Fear makes you go off-topic. Fear makes you seek MORE when you should be targeting blog readers before everything else. Highly targeted readers allow you to go pro. Getting more readers gives you an ego boost but not much else.

More readers do not hire you, buy your stuff, endorse you, promote you and grow your blogging business. Targeted readers grow your blogging business.


Check the blog post title up to; I include blogging tips themed keywords. I follow up by writing and publishing a blogging tips rich post. Targeting. I address bloggers by dropping “blog readers” in the title and asking if bloggers want more or targeted readers. Right off of the bat, I attract bloggers. Attracting bloggers makes sense for a guy like me who runs a blogging tips themed blog in Blogging From Paradise.

I do not write this guest post to get more readers because numbers prove to be worthless. Highly targeted, engaged human beings who want blogging tips make my blogging campaign what it is. I could care less about getting more readers because numbers never lent any mojo to my blogging success. Highly targeted human beings have helped me become successful.

Ditto for you. Target your blog readers all day long. Stop playing a numbers game. Numbers cannot do anything.

Numbers Game Illusion

Do not buy into the illusion that reaching more people grows your traffic and profits. Reaching targeted human beings by carefully pinpointing your blogging campaign grows your targeted traffic and blogging profits.

Imagine if I published a guest post about puppy care on a blogging tips blog. Nobody cares because blogging tips readers want blogging tips, not puppy care tips. Picture me publishing a puppy care guest post on a puppy care blog. I aligned post and blog but puppy care hungry folks care less about my blogging tips blog, do not click through and I waste my time.

I write and publish blogging tips themed posts on blogging tips themed blogs to drive blogging tips hungry bloggers to my blogging tips blog. Targeted traffic and profits follow because eager readers hungry for blogging tips make the seamless transition from this guest post to my blog. Aligning post, blog and your blog makes for a targeted blogging campaign.

Always think alignment in all you do to target readers who visit your blog. Specialize. Then, cater solely to people who demand your specialty. Target to prosper.


Writing and publishing one or two targeted posts ain’t enough folks. Develop an abundance mentality. Target your campaign again and again by writing and publishing blog posts and guest posts on the regular. Be prolific. Be generous. Targeting from a prolific, generous energy allows you to go pro because driving an increasing number of pinpointed readers boosts your blogging profits over the long haul.

Human beings who want what you have to offer through your blog:

  • buy your stuff regularly
  • hire you frequently
  • endorse you freely
  • comment on your blog genuinely
  • enter into business partnerships with you

Helping these targeted folks frequently amplifies your blogging success beautifully from a long term perspective.

Put in the Time and Effort

Challenge yourself. Target from a prolific approach. Be a bit uncomfortable from time to time. Catch yourself if you feel urges to chase numbers versus building a targeted blogging campaign for one specific reader.

Everything changes with your full commitment to blogging intelligently over the long haul.

Target. Stop chasing after more readers. Focus instead on targeting your blogging campaign to go pro with a clear, precise blogging plan.


Being a solopreneur blogger feels intimidating sometimes. We all need a pat on the back, gentle nudge and confidence boost to keep blogging on this  journey. I know; I’ve learned this lesson after being a solopreneur blogger for the past 10 years.

I wrote an eBook to help you through the ups and downs of being a solopreneur.

Buy it here: 6 Tips to Embrace the Solopreneur Rollercoaster Ride

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