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6 Reasons to Choose Right WordPress Hosting For Blogging

by Vishwajeet Kumar

Are you planning to build your dream blogging business for the first time? Here are a few things definitely you shouldn’t miss? Yes, I am going to tell you something really interesting about the foundation of your blog.

I am going to walk you through the hosting plan selection which will form the basic foundation of your blog. If you miss choosing the right and suitable one it might shatter your building completely.

As I said earlier if you are naive to this blogging business, then this article will give you a clear picture. You can create any number of files, during the blog creation which has to have space in the virtual server.

The hosting provider provides that virtual space and for that, you have to pay them monthly. Hosting companies are 24/7 ones that give not only server space but also few other services.

Services include server maintenance, hardware, and software updates, back up power supplies, security measures, and troubleshooting, etc.

Things to Consider when choosing the right hosting plan:

There are many web hosting types like shared hosting, VPS server hosting, Dedicated server, WordPress hosting, etc. There are a few things you should consider before choosing a service provider.

  1. Make sure your query regarding the server uptime policy/server guarantee which the hosting company holds.
  2. Go for a higher bandwidth service provider which can withhold higher traffic or page view count of the website.
  3. Any downtime, the website goes offline, the service provider should be reachable giving solid customer support.
  4. Be wise to choose a service provider giving multiple domains or unlimited package in case of website expansion.
  5. Choose for the service provider who have clear pricing standard and who offers to host scalable package

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

As I stated, there are many hosting types available like shared, dedicated, VPS hosting, WordPress, etc. Likewise, there are many service providers who are offering at their best level, up to you to choose wisely.

In common, all these can be either “managed” or “unmanaged” out of these, people use WordPress hosting. Whatever it is, service providers will give you few tools to play with after purchase.

Site maintenance, security, customizations if needed, etc all fall on your shoulders. Whereas Manageable ones come with the luxury of enjoying under service provider benefits, they maintain your servers and sites for a lifetime.

Managed WordPress, as the name suggests, its WordPress-specific hosting that has more convenient features. Features include easier to manage, secure, and speed up because of which this became an Intriguing option for most owners.

One of the excellent service providers is Raj Softech Hosting Solutions where they provide Managed WordPress Hosting at a lower price of Rs.99 INR monthly.

In this hosting plan, packages are available like basic, premium, a standard where everything comes with its own benefits.

Raj Softech Hosting Solution’s other value-added add-on is they offer free Cloudflare CDN, free CPanel, instant setup, one-click installation, etc.

Another unique feature is that they have installed Hex core servers at their data centers to keep up high efficiency.

Difference between Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting?

While creating a blog, you will have to decide on choosing the right hosting type which helps your website go online.

Moving your website online in the sense, people can access your website which the hosting does.

Out of many hosting types available, the top two tiers that most website owners prefer is Shared and WordPress hosting.

Shared Hosting:

Shared web hosting is where multiple websites share a single server with no clue who uses it. This is the cheapest option for any small business website which costs approximately $1 – $2 [Rs. 50 to Rs.200 INR] monthly.

Even though the potential benefit of this hosting type is a low-cost setup, it has few downsides to be mentioned.

Downsides are when a single server space is used by multiple sites it can’t withhold the traffic created.

Due to the site traffic created by multiple users, we can’t avoid facing the downtime, also security issues might also arise.

WordPress Hosting:

As the name suggests, WordPress hosting is something that is tailored to satisfy WordPress site needs. In contrast to shared hosting, this web hosting type can be shared, dedicated, etc.

It’s most unique features are they have higher performance level and also no security issues can be foreseen.

Also, you can feel the other platform-specific features such as pre-installed sites, automatic updates, and hassle-free customer support.

If you choose unmanaged plans under this, site optimization and server management are up to you.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

Here, at this point, I can’t skip over without describing the importance of Managed WordPress hosting.

This hosting is the best suited for typically medium-sized businesses, high traffic sites, specialized enterprise websites.

As every support is provided by the service provider after purchase, this might be a costlier option.

It rather helps in keeping the websites to run smoothly without any long term issues instantly solved by service providers.

Webhosting is considered as a good investment because it saves manpower, effort, and time.

Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting:

Even though there is a high rise in choosing the Managed WordPress plan by most website owners. By now you should know the upside and downside of this hosting type.

Pros of Managed Hosting:

  • The service provider takes care of any security threats or issues
  • Maintenance of High performance
  • If you are on a dedicated or VPS plan, the server configuration is done  
  • The server is always up to date synchronizing today’s trend
  • Frequent backup and support system are provided timely
  • Offers staging environment to test any changes or updates

If you are someone who doesn’t have any idea about site optimization you can get benefitted under Managed services.

Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Managed hosting plan is a costlier option comparatively
  • You will not have complete control on the website server as everything is taken care of by service providers
  • Even if you are tech-savvy, still you have to rely on service providers for security, site optimization, etc.
  • Some managed WordPress hosts block database-related posts plugins
  • Finding a reliable managed plan service provider is tricky as this hosting doesn’t hold any universal definition standards
  • It doesn’t come along with other options like offering Email, domain choice

Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

Having a website online is like a business card for your website which serves as an excellent marketing tool. As most businesses run on the WordPress hosting platform, the right care should be always taken to make it run smoothly. You can also check CloudWays Black Friday Deal Cyber Monday Deal

Managed WordPress hosting comes along with lots of benefits, leaving us to keep the focus on our core business. This becomes the right choice of most website owners due to below few reasons described in detail.

1. Optimized High Performance:

To put it simply, nobody in today’s world tolerates the slow dance shows which the blog performs at times. Because of which you might lose your valuable search engine ranking, also it will impact your visitors count.

If you own your blog the headache is yours to maintain your blog to keep running faster. This is where managed hosting comes into a picture where it helps with hassle-free server maintenance.

The service providers take care of our site assuring its uptime, loading speed, and optimizing server performance. The work becomes easier if you choose Raj Softech Hosting Solutions.

They can offer performance enhancements such as CDN, Global server locations, etc. They know better how to optimize your servers based on the types of themes and plugins you’re running.

2. Developer Friendly:

Another additional feather to the cap is having developer-friendly features coming along with Managed hosting. It just helps to access the tools right from the hosting application by using the cPanel application tool.

Example: Seeing the Site’s slow error logs and flushing out cache memory can be performed easily through the developer tools. Other take benefits are its site staging and local development environment makes an efficient development workflow.

One other most popular in the WordPress community is the WP-CLI command-line tool helps in managing aspects. This tool helps in adding/removal of users, posts, data insertion, search and replace in the database, much more.

There are additional developer-friendly features you can access to which is not there in a shared host. Which includes Composer, HeidiSQL, Sequel Pro, and Git.

3. Security:

One of the major issues that every WordPress Blog might face if not now any time later is the security issue. So, you should be well ahead in planning either to avoid or know how to tackle it.

This could become your full-time job but the managed hosting greatly simplifies the task by their security strategy. They monitor for any suspicious activity, check for preventive measures, ready to restore your website from the breach.

Beyond the above, Managed hosts can optimize the servers for WordPress security without the need for plugins. Other additional features are strong passwords setup, two-factor authentication, and multiple logins attempt restriction.

Perhaps, one potential security feature managed host can offer is removing malware. Be aware that some might charge you extra for removing malware, some may not as it will be included in the package.

4. Superior Support:

Superior support from managed host providers is a more value-added gift that comes along. In unmanaged hosting, most of the issues should be fixed on your own with minimal support expected from service providers.

Most hosting companies have strong, experienced players who can play things around very well. They are well aware of the difference between a plugin conflict, theme issue, or any server-level issue.

Customers are their priority so they give us instant and complete support whenever needed. They will be available 24/7 live chat, reachable through phone, email, and active in community forums.

Raj Softech Support Team are experts in giving strong recommendations for all your WordPress related questions. If you are not a technical expert, the managed hosting can be your comfortable choice.

5. Automated Backups:

Automated Backups are lifesavers in case of any sudden crash, hacking or any other worst case happens. Prepare yourself ahead by backing up WordPress promptly.

A quality managed host provider doesn’t cost extra for backups perhaps this all comes with the cost plan package already. Some do nightly backups frequently just in case to avoid any latter chaos effects.

Not only backup you can do with WordPress site but also download the full back up files at any time. If you have a WooCommerce site or any dynamic website there is an automatic back-up feature activates every hour or six hours.

Having many excellent options in managed WordPress replaces the need for plugins. Which includes backup plugins like, cPanel, FTP, or phpMyAdmin.

6. Built with Scalability:

Another important aspect that you have to think of is the scalability of your website. Because at any time you can reach the spike of dealing with millions of customers.

In any other unmanaged plan, eg: Shared hosting you will have to upgrade to a higher plan. Eventually, you will have to choose different hosting types called dedicated hosting due to traffic surge.

As the switching and need of watching user limit will be time-consuming, choosing a Managed option is the only relief. They can handle these by setting pre-defined limits by notifying you and upgrading done through one-click.

Managed service providers have their technology set in place to sort out this scalability issue. Eventually, they ensure the hosting configuration is secure and private while the servers are scaled up or down.


As you can see there are a lot more options available if you are looking to host your website. I believe this article might stop getting carried away from the confusion of making a wise choice.

It is important to figure out the right hosting plan for your website is as important as choosing the right provider. It is always best to choose a hosting plan wisely beforehand to save your time and effort.

Even though the Managed hosting plan is a bit expensive, its benefits outweigh the cons and make it worth buying. Here is a small recap of reasons why you have to choose managed to host over unmanaged hosting.

  • Maintains data integrity,
  • Saves your time,
  • Offers peace of mind,
  • Don’t have to worry about cyber-attacks, bugs, crashes, and any potential performance issues,
  • Assures website scalability when your website outgrows visitors limit

Altogether, to save yourself from having to worry about the minutiae of running a website smoothly. Managed WordPress hosting from Raj Softech Hosting Solutions is the best and wise option to purchase.

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Ryan K Biddulph August 11, 2020 - 8:13 am

Performance is a huge issue Vishwajeet. Definitely a reason to go for proven hosting when thinking about your blog. Investing now in your blog makes for a bright future. Pay up to play up by ramping up your blog’s performance with the right type of hosting. Rocking post buddy.


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