GeneratePress Premium Review

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Generatepress is one of the best and light weight WordPress themes. The main theme is completely free of cost but to get more exciting and editing features, you need to buy the premium version of GeneratePress.

In this post, I am going to review about the Generatepress Premium and show you how you can create an awesome WordPress Blog using it.

What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress Premium review

GeneratePress is a very light-weight theme that comes with plenty of customization options. With a huge amount of downloads on WordPress theme directory and over 200k active installations, this is the widely used and very popular WordPress theme.

It is also managed with all 5-star rating and boost up your site loading speed. If you want to create a content-focused blog and doing affiliate marketing then this is an ideal theme for you.

But when you create a news website or where you have to add more design graphics GeneratePress might not be a good choice for you.

What Comes with GeneratePress Premium?

There are so many benefits of using GeneratePress premium and you cannot ignore it. I highly recommend you to use their premium version to make most out of your GeneratePress Theme.

GeneratePress Premium is basically an addon plugin that enhances the functionality of the GeneratePress theme. It also adds some more editing and design options to your Blog. Let’s check out some of its features:

 GeneratePress premium options

1. Site Library

GeneratePress premium comes with Site library. This allows to imort the predesigned themes directly from their cloud sites with applicable plugins.  It’s just like click and go.

GeneratePress Site library.

They regularly update their site library. So, you can click the refresh button to see some of the new designs. Site Library is a time saver for many bloggers as it will install the designs easily and you have to customize a few options of it.

2. Colors

You can easily change and customize your blog colors with the premium version of GeneratePress. For example, you can change the colors of your header, Fonts, Meta, etc.

If you have the knowledge of CSS then you can also customize the colors using custom CSS codes to give your blog a professional look.

3. Awesome Typography

Good typography of a blog is very necessary. So, your readers can easily read and understand your content. GeneratePress premium comes with 60+ typography including Google fonts. You can easily customize your blog typography by changing fonts, sizes, etc.

4. Customize blog layout

Customization of a theme layout is not easy and need some technical knowledge. However, you can easily customize it using GeneratePress premium.

You can easily customize your Blog layout like changing the main container width, spacing up your sidebars, and set custom width of your pages and so on….

5. Elements

Elements are a great premium module of GeneratePress theme. It helps you to insert custom code and design elements to any part of your Blog.

Elements work as a three parts header, hook, and layout. You can easily use the elements to customize your blog header, layout, and hooks to insert custom codes and design in your theme.

6. Menu Plus

Menu plus Module helps you to make the menu sticky, off-canvas navigation, mobile header, etc. you can also add an extra menu with colors, typography, layout, etc. by activating the secondary menu option

7. Sections

Sections are the mini page builder available only in GeneratePress Premium. If you are using an advance Page builder like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc. then you can avoid using sections.

Sections are currently compatible with classic WordPress Editors. However, you can use GenerateBlock to add it to the Gutenberg editor also.

8. Woocommerce

Woocommerce is a free eCommerce plugin for WordPress to create an eCommerce site. GeneratPress Woocommerce modules help to customize your product pages, checkout pages, etc. using colors, layout, typography options in your site.

9. Copyright

You can customize your Copyright notice and also add custom links on your footer to show it along with your copyright tag.  You can also use Shortcodes and HTML

10. Backgrounds

You can easily add and customize your blog and sidebars background color to give it an elegant look. GP premium comes with hundreds of colors to choose from and you can use it using Theme customizer.

You Can also Use third party tools like Elementor, beaver builder, and thrive Architect to design your GeneratePress theme Easily.


Generatepress premium Pricing

You can get the GeneratePress premium version for just $49.95 with one year support and updates. However, you can renew your license key after one year to get updates and support.  

You can download the Premium Modules just after making the Payment. They also provides 40% discount on license renewal.


GeneratePress have some awesome support services. If you have any issues, you can raise your concern and queries in their forums and their team will help you to sort out your issues. Their forum members are quite active and sometimes answer you in a minute.

They also have a detailed documentation and video tutorials that help you to customize your blog.

SEO Friendly theme

GeneratePress is built for marketers. So, it is designed to rank well in search engines. The codes and CSS written on this theme is SEO friendly.

Its awesome page loading speed is also a big factor which helps you to rank better and lead your blog in search competition.

GeneratePress Page Loading Speed

Free vs Premium

If you are comparing GeneratePress free vs premium then you know that premium version has lots of features. If you wish you can use their free version which can be downloaded through WordPress theme directory. However, free theme comes with limited customization options.

Premium version comes with 10+ modules that help you to customize your blog. You have already know the features and benefits of the premium version. All of these modules can be avail by paying a minimal price which is definitely not expensive.

Over to You

I really can’t resist myself to try the GeneratePress. The result is quite overwhelming. Combining all the features of GeneratePress, adding Elements, setting display rules, you could create something quite amazing.

If you still looking for a theme that can give you awesome customization features without impacting your page loading speed than GP premium is an ideal choice for you. Just get started with it and let me know your experiences with me.

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  1. Super review bro. Generate Press looks solid enough to me. Definitely worth a second look if you want to travel down this blogging path. Thanks for sharing with us. Tweeted of course.

    • Hello Ryan,

      GeneratePress indeed is a great and awesome theme for WordPress. Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Vishwajeet Kumar


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