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How To Deal With the HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress

by Vishwajeet Kumar

You might notice the HTTP error while uploading images to your WordPress. This error happens randomly without any notice. I have also faced this type of issue. You are simply uploading images to your WordPress site and suddenly it stuck with saying HTTP error.

How To Deal With the HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress

There are various reasons for this error. In this post, I am going to show you some of the reasons which may trigger this error. I am also showing you how to deal with HTTP image upload error in WordPress

1. Check your Network Connection

This is the very first step to analyze the HTTP error. If your network connection is slow then it will create an issue with uploading images to the WordPress and shows you the HTTP error. Make sure that your internet connection is working fine and also your uploading speed is good. You can use the Okhla speed test to check your internet speed.

2. You made changes to your WordPress blog

As I have already said that the error might occur randomly. So, we cannot eliminate the possibility of the changes that you made with your blog. If the error occurs after adding new themes or installing new plugins then you might revert the files and settings. This will solve the issue for you.

Sometimes when we made changes to our blog which might not be compatible with the current versions of WordPress. Make sure that the themes and plugins you are using are compatible with the current version of WordPress.

3. Identify the Culprit                                                        

A bad theme and plugin can be the culprit of this error. The error can occur if you did not make any changes to your blog. At this point, you have to identify the bad plugins and themes to rectify the error.

Revert your theme to WordPress default theme like twenty seventeen, sixteen, etc.  If this resolves the issue then you have to change the current theme.

Deactivate all the plugins and activate them one by one to check which plugin can cause the issue. Sometimes an outdated plugin can create conflict with the WordPress which may cause the HTTP error for you.

Always update your themes, plugins and core files of WordPress. Keep your blog’s everything up to date.

4. Check your security settings

Sometimes security plugins can cause the HTTP error. If you have strong security or firewall settings then it might create the HTTP error. I suggest you keep your security setting moderate until you face some serious security threats.

5.Do not use Nulled themes and plugins

The Internet is full up with these things. You can easily find the nulled version of premium themes and plugins. It can be a great security threat for you and create lots of issue with your WordPress blog.

Nulled themes and plugins have altered code which might not work perfectly and also create HTTP error for you. One of my friends also facing the issue. It caused by a nulled plugin which he is using. I asked him to remove it immediately. When he removed the plugin, everything starts working perfectly and be able to upload images without any error.

6. Check your images.

Sometimes a bad image can create the issue. To fix this issue upload another image and check this with 2 to 3 images. If all the images show you HTTP error then follow the above points. If you are unable to upload a particular image then consider to change it. I always suggest users upload PNG images.

Also Make sure that your images does not contain any special characters or strings. It might not upload in WordPress. The ideal image formats are PNG and JPEG.

7. Increase the limit of your WordPress

By default, your hosting provider has put some limitations of the file uploads and maximum execution time. The lack of memory can trigger the error. You can ask your hosting providers to upload the file size limit for you. You can also do it manually by following ways:

Open your config.php file. Put the following code just before the following line “That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging.”

define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘512M’ );

By adding this code, you can increase the memory limit of your WordPress site.

8. Your hosting must have GD Library and Imagick.

WordPress cannot work perfectly without having this two modules installed. If you don’t have these two module installed then it might create a lot of issues with your WordPress. Without these two plugins, you cannot upload images to your WordPress.

You can contact your web hosting provider and ask them to enable these 2 extension on your server. For best web hosting I recommend GreenGeeks.

Over to you

These are some basic reasons that might create HTTP error while uploading images to your WordPress site.  Just go through with these steps and I hope it will help you to sort out the issue. If you have any questions ask it by comments below. If you like the post, share it with others.


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Nikola Roza August 21, 2020 - 12:41 am

Thanks for this guide Vishwajeet.
I hate these errors as they break up my concentration and make me angry when they happen.
Now I know how to fix them so thanks again!

Vishwajeet Kumar August 21, 2020 - 2:50 pm

Hello Nikola,

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. I am happy that you like the post.

Vishwajeet Kumar

Rijhu Sinha August 25, 2020 - 12:05 pm

Hello Vishwajeet,

Very informative post and many thanks for sharing this with us.

All the various ways you shared to deal with these issues are just awesome and very useful as the reasons of these errors may be small but are very irritating and breaks concentration.

After going through this article I am quite sure will definitely going to help many of us. Thank Again and Keep sharing more informative and useful posts.

Thanks & Regards,


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