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1 Way to Overcome Blogging Failure

by Ryan Biddulph

This is a guest post written by Ryan Biddulph where he shares the way to overcome your blogging failure.

Stop fighting what is.

Accept what is.

Proceed to overcome blogging failure based on the concept: where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Way too many bloggers fight what is. Bloggers seem frustrated about the lack of traffic or profits. Feeling frustrated about little traffic or profits gives your attention and energy to little traffic and profits. What follows? Little traffic and profits. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Fighting scant traffic and profits perpetuates your blogging failure. Accepting little traffic and profits – or accepting what it – allows you to overcome blogging failure because hugging what is simply ends the fight, and ending the fight ends the failure.

1 Way to Overcome Blogging Failure

Acceptance Creates Gratitude

Instead of fighting low metrics, accepting low metrics actually creates gratitude for driving any-all traffic and profits to your blog. See all stats like extra’s, bonuses, or icing on the cake to feel good about your blogging progress. Feeling good inspires you to create and connect generously.

Everything changes the moment you stop fighting what is and simply accept where you are right now. Acceptance moves you into a successful, abundant, generous vibe, which moves you past being stuck on blogging failure.

Perfect Place Perfect Time

Where you are now is the perfect place and perfect time. Bloggers complain about getting not enough traffic or money through their blog but bloggers need to face, embrace and fully accept how every one is at the perfect place and the perfect time. Right now, your stats reflect back to you where you need to be in order to:

  • appreciate what you achieved blogging-wise
  • appreciate what you have blogging-wise
  • learn what you need to do blogging-wise in order to increase your success

Imagine feeling frustrated by your blogging struggles. Instead of needlessly complaining about your struggles you see yourself and your blog as being where you need to be now to:

  • humble yourself
  • learn
  • grow

Seeing the perfection of it all, the humble blogger you learn from mistakes you made – resulting in low traffic and profits – and corrects the mistakes to grow into a more successful blogger.

For example, imagine driving only a few folks to your blog daily and making no money through your blog. Seeing yourself – and blog – at the perfect place and time reveals you resisted guest posting and genuine blog commenting for a long time. Spotting this mistake helps you learn what you need to do to grow. After guest posting and commenting on blogs for a bit, your traffic and profits increase because you realized you were where you needed to be.

Accept where you are at right now. No; you should not be further along or more successful because you are where you need to be now to see yourself in the light of truth. Hug this reality. Embrace where you are and how your blog seems to be performing. Stop resisting what is to learn, grow, and overcome your resistance leading to blogging failure.

Once you release the habit of fighting what is by complaining or blaming, a whole, new, fun, freeing blogging universe of possibility opens up for you.


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