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Web Hosting Within A Budget: A Review of Cheap UK Hosting Provider

by Disha Barot

In the UK, if you want to build an online presence, you require a web hosting infrastructure. Cost, IT resources, and hardware specs are factors in choosing a reliable web host. However, many website owners end up choosing expensive web hosting services because of their brand power. They think that websites will outperform high-cost plans, but cheap web hosting plans also deliver quality output.

MilesWeb is a budget-friendly web hosting company in the UK that offers a plethora of services. Apart from delivering cheap web hosting UK services, the quality of service is maintained building the online presence of small business owners and enterprises.

Review of Cheap UK Hosting Provider

In this blog, we delve into the insights of MilesWeb as the cheap web hosting service provider in the UK.

What is MilesWeb?

MilesWeb is a web hosting company that offers cPanel hosting, cheap WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting in the UK. It was founded in 2012, to offer quality services at affordable prices. MilesWeb has globally located data centers and one among them is the UK. Hence, website owners in the UK get optimized performance and higher uptime of up to 99.95%.

Benefits of MilesWeb Web Hosting Services


The price factor is a major difference between MilesWeb and its competitors. The web host offers reliable web hosting plans at a competitive price. The web host has plans starting from Β£1.2 per month. Many cheap web hosting service providers in the UK are unable to offer services at this cost. MilesWeb is a web host for beginners and established British businesses. Thus, if beginners want to build their online presence, MilesWeb is the perfect platform for them.

User-Friendly Control Panel

Despite the lower cost, MilesWeb has not compromised on the hardware specification. Hence, users get a user-friendly control panel that mitigates the technical overloads for website owners. Domain management, email accounts, and FTP accounts management are some of the tasks that seem a daunting task for a novice. Hence, MilesWeb offers cPanel web hosting services to streamline technical operations intuitively.

Free Migration

Website migration is itself a time-consuming task that requires human and IT resources. Many web hosts in the UK ignore free backups as they involve capital, time, and resources. Pass on this issue to MilesWeb as they offer free website migration service while choosing their plan. They provide free website migration services to ensure a seamless transition without disturbing your business.

Free Website Builder

Are you looking to hire a web developer to build a website? What if we say MilesWeb will do it for free? Yes, MilesWeb offers a website builder tool included in their introductory web hosting plans. Thus, there is no upfront cost clients have to pay for website building. Choose an appropriate plan and get a free website builder tool to build a portal without coding expertise.

Server Performance and Uptime

Server performance and uptime are critical factors for any website. MilesWeb boasts a 99.95% uptime guarantee, which translates to minimal downtime for your website. User reviews generally reflect well on uptime, but some reports mention occasional performance hiccups.

It’s important to remember that budget hosting often utilizes shared resources. This means your website performance can be impacted by the activity of other websites sharing the same server. If consistent high performance is a top priority for your UK-based website, you might need to explore dedicated hosting options offered by MilesWeb or consider providers with a focus on optimized server configurations.

Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial aspect of any web hosting experience. MilesWeb offers 24/7 support via chat, email, and phone. Reviews generally praise the responsiveness and helpfulness of the support team. This can be a significant advantage, especially for UK users who might encounter time zone differences when seeking assistance.

However, it’s always wise to check the availability of UK-based support representatives, especially if immediate assistance is crucial for your business needs.


If you’re a UK-based user on a restricted budget with a basic website or personal project, MilesWeb can be a viable option. The web host offers priority features for businesses like performance, a money-back guarantee, free migration, and a guaranteed UK data center. They have won the trust of 50K+ customers and are highly rated on platforms like G2, and HostAdvice.

Security and customer satisfaction is paramount for MilesWeb. Thus, they are able to offer exemplary plans with no hardware restrictions. We would like to rate 5/5 this web host and recommend choosing their web hosting plans to go from beginners to boss.

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